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Old photos added

Colin just sent me a bunch of old photos from the dorms. Damn we're young!

(Click to see the rest of the photos)

6 years of "you can keep it"

Clearing out the Southkeep garage... what a bitch! 6 years of roommates saying "Uhhh you can keep that" or "whoops, did I forget to take that?" Yeah, you all suck. So I had to get rid of everything and if it wasn't for Mike and his truck, it never would have happened. Well, actually, it only 1/2 happened because the dump closed at 3pm and we still probably have another 2 dump runs to go!

dump run.jpg Click for a larger picture of... 1 Couch Another couch on top of it A lazy boy on to of the top couch A full circular solid wood kitchen table on top of the top couch Lots of random wood from old projects? Terry???? :) Lots of other crap... 900lbs of it in this dump run!

Rob & Jackie's Housewarming

I put up some photos from Rob & Jackie's housewarming party.


The Graduation Weekend Twilight Zone

Crazy weekend in SLO. Lots of partying! There's link to the photos at the bottom. Here's the rundown:

Friday: Tom & Nikki come up from San Deigo, we eat in Hermosa Beach (which turned out to be a key move ...read on), and then drive up to SLO. Apparently, Suma & Co took 9.5 hours to drive up to SLO from SD because the 101 was closed for Reagon's entourage. They were stuck on the closed freeway for hours! Ha ha! By the time we went through that part of the 101 it was back open. No traffic. Got to SLO around 11:30pm. Fucken lines at all the bars. We went to the Frog & Peach to booze it up since they had no line and only a $5 cover then to Woodstocks for late night munchies. We finally get back and pass out at the Southkeep around 2:30. Before we go to bed we set the alarm for 5AM.

* Less than 3 hours after passing out we wake up and go to Bull's.
* After an hour in line, we get in to Bull's. Party there for a few hours. Watch a random mom dance on the table holding some signed parachute panties in the air.
* Me, andrew, and eventaully April decide to go to Louisa's Place for breakfast. While finishing breakfast, we see Melissa & Co walking down the street. They come in and finish our breakfast and we go back to Bulls for some more drinking.
* Tom has a tee-time at 11AM so I get a ride home to pass out while Tom & Co play golf.
* 1.5 hours later, we go to some DSP guys' house and drink, eat more pizza, and watch a movie
* Then we go back to the southkeep to pass out (again)
I walk in to the southkeep and there is some random dad sitting on a couch that wasn't there a few hours ago drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Old couch & coffee tables gone. New couch & furniture moved in. I probably stare at the dad for about a minute (I'm 1/2 drunk) and he says "He's over there." I think to my self "who the fuck is over where? And who the fuck are you?" Some random fuck walks over and says "Hey, I'm Adam." My 1/2 drunk self says to myself "Who the fuck are you?". Now keep in mind, that all of the leases for the house are up at the end of the month (about 2 weeks). Why the fuck would someone be moving in for 2 weeks. Why the fuck would there be 2 new (and fucken ugly) couches, coffee table, kitchen table, and tons of boxes in the bedroom. As I go outside to call some people to figure out what the fuck is going on, Justin comes home. Cool, my old roommate can explain who the fuck this guy is. Justin doesn't know anything about it. The new fuck & his Mike Hard Lemonade-drinking dad leave. Justin says that Dan put up this note on the whiteboard about a new roommate moving in. (Dan found a new place a month ago and already moved out. Apparently the dude is subleasing for the rest of the month. that's not a big deal. 2 weeks ok. but you don't move all that shit for 2 weeks!!!).

After I call Dan and then my Dad, it turns out that Dan told this fuck that he could live here under his lease for the rest of the month and then for next year too. The new fuck hasn't signed anything and it sucks for him, but he ain't living there next year. A new property managment company is taking over on July 1st and fixing up and remodeling the house, then renting the house out. Looks like Dan's going to have to explain this to the new fuck. I'm not getting involved.

...The rest of the day continued.
* Before we know it, it's dinner time. Me, Tom, Nikki, & Gerry go to Firestones. No line! Score!
* Then off to the ATM, 7-11 for some redbull so I will last the rest of the night, then to the Library to "study"
* We "study" some very stiff and strong books for a couple hours and then go to Andrew's
* Gerry wants to drunk dial someone but doesn't have anyone to call so he ends up calling 411 and talking to some dude for 10 minutes.
* from Andrew's we pack into his car and go to the DSP gradution party at the Old Port Inn at the end of the peir at Port San Luis (in Avila). Congrats Sherman!
* There was probably 200 people there. The bar fucken ran out of jack and captain. What? You don't run out of whiskey! No red bull! fuck!
* Tom takes the crown for the drunkest fuck. He passes out on the floor between the table and the window. finds some innertube balloon. Just see the photos. Tom, you win the "That Guy" award for the night.
* A few guys decided to jump in the water while we wait for the shuttle to get back.
* About 20 people pile in the shuttle, some get dropped off, and the rest of us eventually get back to Andrew's.
* We pass out and Gerry, the dumb fuck, thinks he's sober so he drives to Denny's. Fucken idiot.

* With all of us starving at 10AM, we head to Foster's for a burger since it's close, opens at 10AM, and their burger's are pretty good and grease tastes good on a hangover. No, wait, I'm still drunk.
* We go back to the Southkeep, clean up, nap, and head home
* On the way we stopped at Eric's new house in AG.
* Then since we were in AG, I had a damn good burger at the Old Village Grill! The best in the SLO area - no questions.
* Fucken long ass drive with an hour delay in Santa Barbara. We hit fucken traffic before UCSB. What the fuck!
* I get dropped off at my parent's place to see the Laker's fuck up their chances of winning the series. Fucken 'eh!

I'm still catching up on my sleep. Crazy freaken weekend!

Check out the pictures
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