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New Photos

I've added some new photos of the Guinness (The kitten) and Kitty (The cat). You get that? I've also added some new Hermosa Sunset photos.

IMG_3894.JPG         IMG_3933.JPG

Happy Birthday Matti

I forgot to take a lot of photos last weekend. There's only a couple so I put them in the Random section. But at least I got one photo of the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Matti

I'm going, ARE YOU?

I'm all signed up for the

Big Trip to

Are you going???

Homecoming Weekend

...A crazy homecoming weekend in SLO. Two days where I didn't sober up until noon. You should have been there for this deal:
3 hours of...
All-you-can-eat Tri-Tip BBQ
All-you-can-drink Beer (Coors Light & Fosters)
All-you-can-drink Wine Tasting (15 local wineries. Good shit, not 2 Buck Chuck!)

Then a football game where we kicked ass!!
At half-time, our friend Jessie was crowned Homecoming Queen.
Then the game was followed by a ton of rain in the 2nd half. But we were winning and we were all drunk so we didn't care!

Top that off with a couple nights a The Library, Mission Grill, and of course, you gotta end each night at Bull's. One hell of a weekend!

Photos... you know the drill.. Click here!

CPSC Big Trip and YOUR going!

Hey guys,
The CPSC Big Trip is to Park City, UT. The dates: Sat 12/11 - Sat 12/18
I'll let Yan give the summary...
"If you didn't hear, then now you know, we're going to mormon country this year. We hope you guys are fucking stoked! This place has some of the best terrain and snow around (lowest moisture content in the US, no bs), not to mention four six person lifts! You're probably also worried about the alcohol content of the beer in Utah. Trust us it's full strength - we tested it ourselves. Sure you say, but there's probably no night life in Utah, right? WRONG! Park City is THE BLACK SHEEP of Utah, a mecca for debauchery which attracts what we like to call "normal", fun loving people. There's upwards of fifteen bars on main street, all withing blocks of one another, so quit your bitchin, we wouldn't take you somewhere that couldn't handle our shit."

The reason I say YOUR going is because we're going to get 10-20 of us Old Fucks to go on one last big trip. For those who know Andrew & Angel, this is probably their last CPSC Big Trip before they graduate. So I'm calling for all of you to go one last time and we'll take over 1/2 of the Grad Bus. I'm talking about all of you in San Diego, LA, Costa Mesa?, Nor Cal, etc. I don't care if you graduated. We'll call it the Alumni Bus! If you really wanna bitch about the bus ride (only $440), then you can fly in on Sun 12/12 and leave on Fri 12/17 ($340 + find your own plane ticket). But the bus rides have grown on me and I actually look forward to them as long as your on a good bus with a good bus rep and people that know how to party but know not to puke (AKA Grad Bus not 756-ers). It's impossible to find a better bang for your buck!

So tell your boss that you're taking that week off work. You probably need to use up some PTO or vacation time before the end of the year! Stop working so hard and have some fun. It may be the last time that ALL of us can party together, and it will definitly be one of the last times that we all party together on a ski trip.

Nuf said. Send me an email. Let me know what's up. If I don't hear from you, you'll be hearing from me. $100 deposits are due Friday October 15. I can help you on this. Let me know ASAP!

More details on the trip can be found on the CPSC website:

My Birthday

My name is Ryan, and I have a problem.
I never remember to take pictures when I'm drunk!
I thought I told people to remind me to take pictures. And other people supposidly had cameras. O well. We had a lot of fun. 3 nights downtown... Bulls, The Library, Mission Grill, and a Saturday afternoon @ The Shack. Go Dodgers! Giants suck!

It was fun to be back in SLO. Talking about being back in SLO, I'll be back for Homecoming Weekend Oct 15.

Also, if you're in LA for the weekend after that (Oct 22), it looks like a lot of the guys will be coming down to party in Hermosa for about 5 birthdays. So come on down or come on up!

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