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Christine leaves rainy Seattle for So Cal!

It was only for a weekend. There's the good and the bad. We'll start with the bad...

The Bad: Christine went to Notre Dame and there were about 10 of them from ND in town for the USC/ND game. Well, ND got spanked big time. So that was a downer (at least for them). ....and they seemed to optimistic! Too bad!

The Good: We had a fun time partying. We started by going to a cool italian place in Venice - C&O Trattoria. Then partied down at Beaches in Manhattan Beach.

Oh yeah, another "The Bad": I got two tickets on my car for parking in a no parking spot at Christine's friends house. It's kinda fucked up. They allow parking on one side of the street but not on the other. I got a ticket at 3:00AM. Didn't know about it. Then the doorbell rang a few times at 8:00AM. I answered it and there was a cop at the door asking who's car was out front. The bastard gave me a second ticket. For the same thing! What the fuck. He said either move it or he'll tow it but I'm still getting the second ticket. That's fucked up!

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An awesome weekend in the state's capital

A couple of us flew up to Sac and a couple drove. But we had a hell of a weekend. Now, I usually forget to take photos when I party. This time I forgot to bring the camera. I thought I packed it but guess not. So no photos... sorry. But from what I remember, we had a ton of fun. We went to the Cal Poly vs. Sac State where CP spanked Sac 58-13!!! But even with a 9-2 record, CP was screwed and not selected for the playoffs. WTF!

So sorry, no photos. Coming up next... Turkey day. I can't wait. I can already taste it. We'll be partying in Thousand Oaks on Saturday after turkey day, so if you're in the neighborhood, call.

Update: OK, so I'm a dumbass. I found my fucking camera at the bottom of my bag. Fucken 'eh!

I'll say it before, and I'll say it again. I need to take more photos.

Shane and I went hard on Friday. We started at happy hour and had to get our money's worth. Then we went to another happy hour. I only have a photo of Shane's final moments when he came back to the apartment to pass out.


Then, I went out and partied some more with Kevin, Sherman, & Co who also happened to come down that night.

Sat, Terry, Amber, and Gabe came down. Well Terry came down earlier and we partied and then Gabe eventually showed up. Shane decided after last night that he wasn't drinking. Terry decided that after an afternoon full of drinking that he was tired and didn't want to go out. Gabe tried to rally the troops but failed and just me & Gabe went out to the bars before closing time. Next time, we'll all rage in unison.

Mammoth in early November!

I went from the beach to the snow in only a few hours. (You gotta love California) Mammoth had about 6 feet of snow at the base! This year is the earliest they opened in a decade! They just had a storm come by a couple days before we showed up. Saturday was all clear skies. Perfect weather.

We showed up on Sunday to whiteout conditions with people leaving the mountain. It cleared up an hour later and the snow had a nice layer of powder. One more awesome day of boarding. Then in the last hour, we got another inch of snow before we jumped on the last lift of the day @ 4pm.

IMG_3989_disp640.jpg   IMG_3987_disp640.jpg (Click the photos to see more)

Adam Marca & Matt Mahoney come down to party in Hermosa. Matt ends up staying a little longer...

We all had a fun night of prepartying & partying. In the morning, Adam & I can't find Matt. After looking around the apartment (it's not that big) and on the roof, etc., and trying to call his cell phone, Adam calls the drunk tank. Yup. Apparently he blew a .24 @ 7am so they wouldn't let him out until 3pm. Crazy!


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