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It's Rally Monkey Time

The Outdoors Club huh? Now it just makes us laugh.
RJ organized an Angels game outing and first it was for his outdoors club, but then he also ivited a bunch of us college buddies. Shane came down from Burbank, Nikki & Tom from SD, and Megan from Oxnard.

So first Shane & I went to RJ's pad in Costa Mesa to drink some beers. RJ starts puking before we even leave (he hadn't drank anything yet. He claimed he drank too much the night before or ate some weird muchrooms. whatever. IT's 3PM!!!)

We go to Nationals Sports bar which is walking distance from the stadium. We meet up with Tom, Nikki, & Megan a couple hours before the game to drink & eat. We were also meant to meet up with 10 or 15 cool Outdoors Club people (or so RJ claimed). Well 3 showed up and they were, ummm, yeah. Hey RJ says the Outdoors Club is cool. I think I'll pass on joining. :)

Anyway, we got the Cal Poly crew and we're drunk so we had an awesome time. After the game, we went back to RJ's then to the Harp. It's an Irish pub in Newport. Pretty cool.

So bottom line: We had lots of fun and drank too much beer. (is that possible?)
Moral of the story: Stay away from the Outdoors Club


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Earth Day: An Excuse to Party

I would of never thought to party on Earth Day but apparently it's an excuse to get a lot of people to go to Happy Hour! (Like we really need an excuse!) First a few cheap beers (until 7pm), then we started buying rounds of shots...


And then who do I run into? Well first I get a call from Sherman. Here's the conversaion:
Me: What's up dude. (I can bearly hear him.) Where are you?
Sherman: I'm at Sharkeez! (he doesn't live in Hermosa)
Me: No Shit? Are you inside or outside?
Sherman: Outside. Where are you?
Me: I'm outside at Patrick Molloy's! Turn to your right!

If you don't get it, it's really random because he doesn't live around here and neither of us knew we were at Happy Hour in Hermosa.

Guess who just moved into my hood?

Some random chick taps me on the shoulder at Patrick Molloy's and she's the last one I expected. What the hell are you doing here? I asked... She just moved here. Awesome! Another Cal Poly person moving down here and now I have another drinking buddy!

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Cal Poly Open House weeekend roundup!

What an awesome weekend!
Justin drove up to Hermosa from San Diego on Thursday aftrenoon, and then we rode up the rest of the way together. Apparently, we hauled ass on the way up: 2:55 from Hermosa to Andrew's house in SLO! Yeah, you read that right! Less than 3 hours!

Thursday night was pretty crazy. We got there at 11pm. We went to Bull's and I think I had 4 or 5 redbull & vodkas and some shots. Well basically I didn't remember what happened after we left the bar. Some of you know so I'll just leave it at that but I honestly don't remember it at all!


Friday Schrupp was in town as he had to drive down to San Diego with his "Sister". We went to woodstocks and the drinking began again. Schrupp took off and we went back to Andrew & Sven's. Then we went over to the Balboa to hang out and so Sven could practice throwing some horse shoes for the tournament on Saturday. We partied there for while and then went downtown. We ran into Megan McCarthey. We learned that her, Jessica Gilman, and Andy Johnson are going to be in Havasu for Memorial Day! (We're going to be there too for Tom's bachelor party!) Hell yeah. Megan- I have my beads ready! :)


Saturday was long and we did a lot. Andrew & I stopped at Albertsons to get some Jack & 7-11 to get a 44oz Coke. See where this is going?


And off we went to campus for Open House. We ran into a lot of people up there. I hadn't seen Ben, Hieber, or Ann for a long time. We also ran into Jesse, Mike Papa (he promises to call more often!), and lots of other people. We also met up with Numi, Jason, Gerry, RJ, and Gilbert. They wanted to go to Bulls but Andrew, Gilbert, and myself stayed for a little longer. Gilbert, being the nice guy that he is drove us back to Andrew's and then we headed to The Balboa. We partied there for a while and ran into tons of wasted people. Megan Murphy was a prime example!


Then went to Gerry's. We partied there for a while, BBQed, and watched Chuck Liddel kick ass & win in 2 minutes! I'd be pissed off if I bought that PPV! But since I didn't, I guess it was kinda cool!


Then we went back to the Balboa to watch the Mexi-Cans battle in the Final Four (i think). Then Bill drove us to Angel's place. (I told you this we a long day...)

We went down to the Z-Club which only had 2 people in it. In other words it sucked. So then we walked for a while to the downtown area. We went to Marty's, a new bar down the street from the Library. Pretty cool place. They do a thing kinda like Spike's but with 100 shots. I forget what you get if you do all 100. Chops works there so he hooked us up. We also ran into more people. Tracy, who said she was going to call when she came down to Hermosa, was there! Seriously, I had to drive all the way in SLO to run into her at a random fucking bar (this also happened on St Patty's Day in SLO). I think April met up with us there too. We'll get back to April in a minute.

Then we walked to Bull's and partied there until close. April was wasted & puked in the Bull's bathroom. She doesn't remember doing that or me holding her hair up or anything. What she does remember is waking up in the drunk tank!


I guess Andrew was walking her home and had his arm around her. And then out of nowhere a cop grabs her out of Andrew's arm and cuffs her. Then they tell Andrew if he doesn't keep walking he'll be in the drunk tank too! Seriously fucked up stuff. Mitz picked her up at 6 in the morning. Andrew we puking all morning.

Back to me, I stayed at Bull's until close and then apparently snuck onto the Safe Ride Home van and went all around SLO until I ended up at Alene's friend's place. I pissed off her roommate because she had to wake up and get the door because they weren't home (they were on a Taco Bell run I think). So then I call up Safe Ride Home and Judy picked me up and took me to Andrew's. Long night huh?

Sunday, Justin & I left and we hit up the Old Village Grill in AG for the Best burger in SLO county. Now I'm back at home and I think I'll get something to eat and just drink water!

Damn, I think that was the longest post over. Congrats if you read it this far. Check out the rest of the photos. Just click on any photo above.

Pub Crawl Research in the LBC


The SOAP Execs took a trip down to the LBC to do some "research" for our pub crawl coming up in May. We needed some 1st hand experience and we definitely went big.

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Tom's 30th Birthday

First to kill some time & watch some Bball, Nikki, RJ, & I headed to PB Bar & Grill. We hung out for a while, had some beer & Jager Blasters, and then headed to Hooters. Why?


Little did Tom know when his fiance took him to Hooters that tons of people were there waiting to surprise him. We had lots of beer and lots of Jager. Then we went to Open Bar, a cool little dive bar (if you haven't been there). They have this secondary bar that wasn't staffed. BUT the taps were within reach and they were NOT disconneted! So we got a few free pitchers since some people helped themselves :)

Check out the following video. This is the result of tons of beer & Jager...

Click above to see the video.
It's about 30 megs so it might take a while.

Then check out the rest of the photos...


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