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Sweden and then Another Drunken Sunday

Kevin & Shane picked me up from Gabe's place in Hollywood and we went back to Hermosa where Matt Jue and Gilbert met up with us. After some poker, we got a late start at the bars so we went to FFFF. Kevin got lucky and didn't come back with us that night! I guess he likes Sweden a little more now? :)

On Sunday morning after some quick morning poker on the roof, Gilbert, Shane, and I went down to Sharkeez for the breakfast deal: $2.99 for eggs, bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, and all-you-can-drink mimosas. We met some chicks and a dude. The dude happened to be there when we did our all-day Sunday drinkoff! We had plenty of mimosas and then we played some drunken Jenga. We also met some random dudes that were also Cal Poly Alums. Jon came down and met us in the afternoon. I still need to talk to him to fill in the fuzzy parts. I think I passed out around 6 or 7 and then got a lot of sleep... so that was good!

IMG_0767_disp640.jpg   IMG_0775_disp640.jpg

This day's drunkeness focuses on Gilbert. During a round of Drinking Jenga he had to do sit-ups on the patio of Sharkeez and later passed out on my roof. Click the photos for more.

Gabe's Birthday

Saturday 5/21 was Gabe's Birthday. Gabe & I haven't partied for a while so it was nice to hang out again like the old days. It was freaken hot with the temp in the 90s! It was a rough job drinking all those beers at the pool! Anyway, Gabe likes to grab the camera once in a while and get creative so click on the photos to see more. Happy Birthday Gabe!


Click the photo to see more

The Moon Crickets

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Friday night we saw the Moon Crickets play at the BB King club @ the Universal Citywalk. Jon's buddy is in the band. They're a funk/rock band that kick ass. I don't have many photos of this night but you can see that Jon was pretty fucked up.

IMG_0716_disp640.jpg   IMG_0719_disp640.jpg

Mammoth in May!

2.5 feet of new snow in the last week and it's May? Let's go to Mammoth! I just got my new Mammoth MVP pass (season pass May 1st til close of this year, and all of next year).

Mike Burton came up Thursday night and we tore up Hermosa. Then we left Friday for Mammoth. This was our first Papy's Adventures trip and we definitely had a fun time. Good thing we threw in the beer bong at the last minute because just about everybody used it! Especially Kevin. But we'll get back to that in a sec. The snow was pretty damn good for MAY so we couldn't really complain too much. They still have a 13-15 foot base! My problem on Sat is that I decided to wear my jacket and it was fucking hot!

IMG_0691_disp640.jpg    IMG_0689_disp640.jpg

(Click any of the photos to see them all)

Let's go back to Kevin. So when we were hot tubbing it after the first day on the slopes, Ryan O'Leary tells us about "Drinking Texas Hold'em" (Poker for those people who don't get out much). Instead of poker chips (or clothing when you're not in sausage fest conditions), you bet drinks or shots. With that idea in our heads, Kevin says let's play Drinkng Hold'em with drinks (sips) of beer. Kevin starts the betting off heavy with 4 drinks (sips) without seeing the flop. I have a King & Ace. I'm in and everyone else folded. We see the flop and it was a K 9 10. Kevin starts raising it a full beer, I re-raise and we're up to 2 full beers. We see 4th street, a 10. Kevin raises again. I call. The river... a 9. So we got K 9 10 10 9. I bet 6 more drinks, Kevin raises it to another full beer so we're at 4 full beers and I call. He slaps down a Queen and an 8. "STRAIGHT!" he says. I say where's the Jack? --pause-- Then he says "oh shit. NOOOOO!" I slap down my K/A for two pair and he has to drink 4 full beers. Since Kevin's a trooper he uses the beer bong... multiple times!

And another crazy thing... I'm unstrapping at McCoy Station (mid-mountain) and putting my snowboard on the rack. I hear "Ryan! Ryan Retting!" Who the fuck is yelling my name??? Megan Murphy, Jovan, and Yan. I didn't even know they were up at Mammoth! It also turned out that Joe and Stephanie were up there too. They came over that night and we partied like the old days (at least for me). We played a crazy game of "Fuck You" and had lots of drunken fun.


Overall, an awesome weekend! It was nice to see everybody. Fun with Papy's and a cool surprise to hangout with some CPSC people that I don't see often enough!

Zach's Layover in LA

Zach decided to come back from Germany for a week. First stop: a layover in LA. So I picked his ass up from LAX at 2:30 and he needed to be back by 8:30. Sounds like perfect timing for a Wednesday Happy Hour afternoon at Sharkeez! And in a crazy coincidence, Mark was back in town that day (he's working on the east coast this year). Rob (Echo Tours) came down after work, had a drink and then took a very drunk Zach back to the airport so he could fly up to SLO and continue his temporary homecoming tour.

(Click the photo to see more)

SOAP presents The Crawl

OK... Most of us have been on a pub crawl or two. But how many have been on a 150+ person pub crawl? SOAP is a new group that links people my age together from a lot of aerospace & defense companies like Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed, etc. For our first event we took over Gameworks, shut down it down to the public, and had almost 800 people come down and party all night. Our second event was this pub crawl in Long Beach on Pine street. We had 3 different groups because the bars couldn't handle that many people at once (we set up a rotation). Each group had a different color shirt and I was in charge of team green. Team green kicked ass! Here's some pics. There's more on the SOAP website:

(Click the photo to see more)

Anthony gets wasted

On Friday, I hung out with Anthony and some of his coworkers. Anthony decided he was going to get trashed and he definitly did! I basically had to carry him back. I'll try to get some movies up there soon. Until then, the photos will do.

(Click the photo to see more)

A 5 Day Weekend

Are you going out to Cinco De Mayo??? Probably not. Well unless I get talked into it. Why?
I just had a 5 day weekend. dLe dLe dLe dLe (say it outloud as we flashback...)

Wednesday: Adam was in town. We start at happy hour, go back to play poker, then go out for the rest of the night


Isaac (below) wakes up with a broken foot. How? He doesn't know. Dancing?

Basically, we all got fucked up!

Thursday: We had a YESnet event at Mr Pockets (Billiards Night) and then about 30 people went down to Patrick Molloy's. We got fucked up there too...


Friday: Numi came into town for the weekend. We partied in Burbank and Studio City, where we got fucked up...


Saturday: Numi, Kevin, Shane, Brett, and Gilbert came down to Hermosa to party. Round 2 for them. Round 4 for me. We started the night with fuck you...


By the end of the night we were really fucked up...

Sunday: Yeah, you read right, Sunday. We went down to Sharkeez for their awesome $2.75 hangover breakfast with all you can drink memosas. Well after a few we started drinking buckets, and more buckets, and more buckets. We started competing bucket for bucket with the table next to us. Around 5pm we left my place for another party/BBQ on my roof. I was basically fucked up all day...


So although I had a shit load of fun, I may not go out to Cinco de Mayo... unless someone can convince me. Hell, I may take it easy on Friday as well because we have the SOAP Pub Crawl all Saturday afternoon, where, once again, I'll probably get fucked up.

Sorry it took so long to get these pics up. Click any of the pics to see the whole collection from the 5 day weekend.

More photos to come

I've had a lot of requests for the photos from my 5 day weekend. My internet connection was fucked up at home so I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

In the meantime, Kevin was wondering why these photos never hit the front page. Well Kevin, here they are. This is from a few weeks ago and Kevin doesn't exactly remember this part of the night. So in true form, I give you Kevin...

IMG_0485_disp640.jpg  IMG_0486_disp640.jpg

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