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3 Kegs on the Roof!

Holy shit! Another insane weekend!!! Friday was kinda mellow... went to happy hour @ Patrick Molloy's and then to the Poop Deck for their happy hour. Then I crashed early because I knew the rest of the weekend would be off the hook! Well I was right!

We started with 2 kegs and I had to get a third! The roof was packed and it held the weight of 100 people. Maybe we had more than that? I don't know. But if you came out, thanks for coming!

The Moon Crickets (a funk/rock band) kicked ass! The cops eventually came but it was at the end of their set so that was ok. And I only got a warning so it really didn't matter. The landlord also happened to show up. Luckily he came before the band setup and when there were about 25 people on the roof. But we won't tell him.

IMG_1162_disp800.jpg  IMG_1175_disp800.jpg
(Click on the photos to see more from the weekend)

After the party on the roof was over (when the sun went down), we took some shots inside and I think we played a little poker. Then we headed out to The Underground. I ran into Russ who used to work with me up in Seattle a couple years ago. I guess he lives down here now. Sweet!

Sunday morning, we headed down to Sharkeez for breakfast and all-you-can-drink memosas. We drank a ton of memosas, had a few rounds of memosa flip cup, and a fishbowl-drinkoff.


Then we went over to Brian's place and partied over there for a little bit. Somehow we started to do some drunken westling with the girls and we played a little poker. [Editors note: at this point in time, I left my camera at Brian's place so there's (unfortunatly) no more photos from this point on] Anyway, Gilbert & I took a cab back. I went back to bars while I tried to give Gilbert some time to hook up with this chick he had been working on. Dunno what happened but I don't think he took advantage of the situation.

Anyway I was back at Sharkeez and ran into my neighbor who was drunk off his ass (again). From what I remember, we played some quarters with his buddies and Sharkeez has happy hour from 6-8pm on Sundays so it was 2 for 1. Then I went over to Patrick Molloy's. I think Gilbert joined me there. Anyway, we must have been at Patrick Molloys for a while. Gilbert filled me in on the details of the rest of the night.

Apparently Sara was there but I didn't recognize her at first in my drunken state. Then Jane got off work at midnight (I think) so I tried not to pass out there until she got off. Then I guess Jane & I took off together and went to Dragon for more shots. Oh yeah, we went to the Lighthouse first before Dragon. Anyway, I think they got a cab to go to Manhattan beach and I left them there and stumbled home.

Monday morning, I was still feeling the effects of Sunday. Gilbert & I went to Jack in the Crack and then I went off to work.

So awesome party. Insane Sunday. It's going to be hard to top that, but we'll work on it this weekend....

  • Friday - Warped Tour (hopefully, but since everyone is flaking I need someone to go with. Anybody wanna go? Friday @ Long Beach or I'll take Thursday off and go to San Diego if I have to. Call me or send me an email ASAP if you wanna go)
  • Saturday - Tom's wedding in Camarillo. Can you believe he's getting married?
  • Sunday & Monday - Party at Mission Bay in San Deigo
  • Tuesday - Heidi is in town on layover for about 7 hours. I see a repeat of what Zach did on his layover last month. Oh yeah, we get Tuesday off. Don't know why but who cares. I get 5 days off w/o taking any time off!!!

Pat's Wedding Weekend

Holy Shit!! Pat is now married!!! Unbelievable, but true. After a fun Friday night at the Tom Leykis Boys Night Out, I woke up early and drove my ass up to beautiful Oakdale, CA. I got there just in time to have a beer and a shot of Johnny Walker Blue Label (thanks Kevin) and then we were off to the wedding.


You can see where this night was heading... Lots of beer, red & white wine, and lots of champagne. We were all pretty happy... and wasted.

Then in the morning I got kidnapped by Kim and we went to the lake with Kevin, Schrupp, Kim's sister, and some fam.

Finally, when it was starting to get dark, I got my ass on the road and eventually made it back to Hermosa. So I guess Oakdale wasn't too bad after all. Turlock wasn't so bad either.

As always, click any of the photos to see the rest.

SLO Graduation Weekend

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This weekend started on Thursday. Not in SLO, but in Hermosa. On Thursday, we had a joint Raytheon/Northrop happy hour at FFFF. That started at 5:30PM. Then at 9PM on Thursdays, Patrick Molloy's has their "reverse happy hour" until close. $2 wells all night. So most people stumbled across to Patrick Molloys. I met this chick and let's just say I only got 2 hours of sleep.


After going to work for a couple hours, I picked Matti up in Beverly Hills and we drove up to SLO. Friday night, we partied at Ashley's place (actually I still call it Zach's place). We all passed out around 2 something and...


Then we woke up 5AM for the bars. Total sleep: 3 hours. We woke up at the butt crack of dawn and Ashley's dad drove us to McCarthy's. Zach's dad came down and that was pretty cool since Zach is in Germany right now! Anyway this was just the start of the day.


After drinking at McCarthey's for a couple hours, we headed to Bulls for a couple drinks and then we went to Conerview for breakfast. Then Andrew was kind enough to get our drunk asses (Me, Matti, and Sam) back to Ashley's. We passed out for an hour and then the families came back. Then Shrupp called and asked why I wasn't at Bulls. OK, off to Bulls I went (2nd time). I had a beer there and then Schrupp said that he'd get his ass kicked if he didn't show up at this grad party. So me, Schrupp, and his buddy from Winters went over to that party. We stayed there a little too long and then couldn't find a ride back. So we called a cab and took it to Woodstocks.

We had some pizza and beer there, then walked back to Angel's place where they were staying. We passed out for a 30 minute power nap and then walked back downtown to Bull's (for the 3rd time in 1 day). We wanted to get down there before 10PM since the lines would be so long. There were 10 people in front of us @ 9:30 and we had to wait 45 minutes! It sucks that Gil doesn't work there anymore. Some new fuck named Ethan who doesn't know anyone. I might have to go to the library a little more now that Gil and Goose work there. Anyway, we spent the rest of the night at Bulls.

Sunday morning Matti and I drove back to LA and then I slept Sunday afternoon and into the night. I'm still catching up on my sleep. I didn't take too many photos this weekend. My bad. Next graduation weekend I'll take more.

Mellow Weekend, Drunk Sunday

Friday: Went down to the LBC for a Life Rolls On party with Anthony, Jacqueline, and Mike. I meet some cool chick then almost got ditched but it all ended up ok.

Saturday, some of the Burbank boys came down to Hermosa.

Sunday, Matt & I went down for a Sharkeez breakfast & mimosa special. We met some chicks, got wasted. Then we headed out to Dragon where it's $1 beers on Sunday afternoons. I returned home... wasted. Go figure, right?

Random chick I met giving me a kiss. I must be doing something right!


Havasu was absolutely insane. A ton of people have been checking out my website waiting for the photos.

Insane! Just insane! We've been telling non stop stories so if you haven't heard some just ask! Check out the photos!


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