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AVP Weekend

AVP in Hermosa Beach this past weekend. That's volleyball for those of you out of the loop. Let's just put it this way... Take a flat beach and construct some stands that hold 15,000 to turn the beach into a huge stadium for the weekend. Then add tons of hot volleyball chicks (you know the type!)....

On Friday, Isaac & I went down to Patrick Molloy's for happy hour and then went to the Poop Deck for their happy hour. Anthony met up with us there. So did Sara & her friends. Then after flip cup we went back to Patrick Molloy's. Damn it, forgot the camera that night!

On Saturday, Gilbert & Shane came down and we hit up Patrick Molloy's again... It seems to be Gilbert's favorite bar these days... at least at night. We met some people there and then post-partied (is that a word?) at my place. Good job Gilbert! Bringing back the chicks! Bad thing is I only took 1 photo that night.

On Sunday, we hit up Sharkeez for their $3 breakfast and all-you-can-drink mimosas. Sara & her friends came down to meet us. After they ran out of champagne, we had a couple pitchers of screwdrivers each. The screwdrivers come in individual pitchers so you get pretty fucked up. I think we were there from around 11-3. Then we scarfed down 2 pizzas between the 3 of us and passed out for the rest of the afternoon & night.


(Click the photo for a few more...)

Schrupp in Hermosa and Jason's Bday in SD

Hey, it's been a while since I had to fly out Sunday afternoon right after this busy weekend.

So anyway, the weekend started out with Schrupp coming down to visit on Friday. He was in LA because he had a wedding to go to in beautiful 115 degree lancaster later that weekend. He came down and I gave him a taste of Hermosa. We hit up the Poop Deck for some happy hour flip cup and then we went to Patrick Molloys. Maybe we stopped by Sharkeez for a drink? I don't remember. I also apparently didn't take many photos that night. Too bad.

Then, I took off on Saturday for San Diego. It was Jason's Bday (the week before) so we went out to Outback and had some steaks, then went to the Lamplighter. We met some cool chicks too! :)

(Click the photo to see more from SD)

2 Days of Mimosa Madness

...and it's all Gilbert's fault. He wanted to do Saturday, then he forced me to go out Sunday morning as well. That's OK. We still had fun. Not much to say... Just the usual good times.


(Click the photo for more)

Oh yeah! Wanna see what Angel will look like in 10 or 20 years? Trippy....


4th of July... a 5 day weekend!

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What a long weekend! 5 days and I didn't even have to take a day off work! I had Friday off (every other Friday 9/80) and then we also got Tuesday off! So let's get started...

On Thursday, we did a YESnet (work) happy hour. No photos there. We started at Manhattan Beach Sharkeez and then I think we ended up at Patrick Molloy's? O well, since we have no photos, let's move on...

I met up with Kevin, Shane, and Gerry at Kevin's parent's place in Thousand Oaks. We had Tom's wedding the next day in Camarillo so T.O. was only 10 min away. Anyway, after having a couple drinks, we found out that Tom's been partying with the wedding party and is pretty fucked up. He says on the phone that he's hiding behind a corner because they tried to cut him off and he doesn't want to stop drinking. We head out to Ventura where they're partying. There, we find Tom wasted. There's a barrel full of margaritas and they (mostly Tom) had been working on it for hours. Megan (fiance) takes Tom home where apparently on the way home they pulled over and he puked and then he fell out and rolled in it. (or something like that) Anyway, that was some nice night-before-the-wedding drunkeness. We took off and checked out some of Ventura's finest bars. We weren't too impressed.

IMG_1210_disp800.jpg  IMG_1215_disp800.jpg
(Click to see more photos of Tom's Wedding & night before)

Saturday was Tom's wedding day. Since the wedding started at 5pm we had some time to lounge around, play a little poker, drink a little at the pool and then get to the wedding. The wedding was nice & not too long. Then the reception began. You gotta love all-you-can-drink beer & wine. Then around 10 we moved the party to the hotel where we kept partying in Tom's suite.

I don't know what time we finished but we all had a crazy time. One person (to remain nameless) couldn't get a hint that this chick wasn't into him. Have you ever heard of a girl getting so sick & tired of a dude all over her that she makes up a story (with some of HIS friends) saying that her boyfriend (which she didn't have) was coming down to the hotel to pick her up and should be there anytime? That still didn't stop him. Well, she was so sick of guys, nobody else even bothered to hit on her. Congratulations, dude! You just made her jump the fence and turn into a lesbian!

IMG_1222_disp800.jpg  IMG_1243_disp800.jpg
(Click to see more photos of Tom's Wedding & night before)

Sunday = Warped Tour! I was dead set on going to the Warped Tour this year since everybody flaked last year and I didn't end up going. Damn I hate flakes and this year was no exception. So anyway, I was going to go to the Warped Tour on either Friday in Long Beach or Sunday in Ventura. Yan drove down from SLO to see the Warped Tour in Ventura so I met up with him. Yan-- thanks for not being a flake! (No, I'm not bitter about flakes. Just a pet peeve. I even wrote a song called "Fuck Flakes" back in college when we had our garage band. Anways....)

Back to the Warped Tour. This year's Warped Tour was pretty good. Most of you who are reading this would only probably know The Offspring since the other bands are not mainstream bands that get played on the radio. (That's a damn good thing!) Anways, for those who do know, the bands that kicked ass included Strung Out, Dropkick Murphys, Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, No Use For a Name, The Offspring, and The Transplants. What sucked was way too many winey emo bands hogging up the main stages. Fucken 12 year old girls singing along with ex-high-school band dorks who used to get their asses kicked in school but now they have an emo band and think they are cool and wine about countless chicks that didn't like them school but now that they are pseudo-famous so you should like them now too because all of the 12-year-old chicks like their music. Fuck emo! I don't know what's up with this trend but we need to get rid of that crap. On the positive side it did give us time to cruise around and check out the random tents and get useful things like free sampler CDs and new Trojan Mint-Tingle condoms. I haven't tried these yet so I don't know what's up with the Mint-Tingle. So girls: gimme a call if you wanna try it out! :)

So overall, cool warped tour minus the emo crap. Oh yeah, so then I was going to drive from Ventura to San Diego. I had to stop in Hermosa to shower and get clothes. When I got home, my neighbor was having a party on the roof. So I stayed in Hermosa for the night, had a few drinks at the party and then woke up early to drive to San Diego.

IMG_1275_disp800.jpg  IMG_1259_disp800.jpg
(Click these photos to see more of the Warped Tour)

Monday was the the 4th of July. I drove down to San Diego and got there at 10AM to meet up with Kevin, Shane, Gilbert, Matt, and Jason. We tried to priceline a hotel in Mission Bay and ended up getting screwed and put out in La Jolla. Matt also got screwed and put in the same hotel so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, after we got our ass in gear, we made it to Mission Bay. We had a group of about 30 there and we had about 30 30-packs of beer since they don't allow kegs anymore. We played a lot of flip cup and took lots of beer bongs. I also met up with Nikki, Justin, Mike, Margie, Renee, Lora, Worthy, and Carol, so it was nice to see all of those guys again. Also Chris & Coy from work even showed up for a little bit.

We spent the day on the beach. We had a couple "please don't tell anyway I hooked up with that fat chick on the beach" incidents and we'll keep those people anonymous. I don't need to worry about it since I wasn't involved, but I do have evidence. Those photos are not on the website in order to protect the guilty.

IMG_1284_disp800.jpg  IMG_1288_disp800.jpg
(Click on these photos to see more from Mission Bay!)

When it started to get dark, we walked up Everetts and ended up at The Tavern for a drink. Then we decided to go to The Rock Bottom for some food. After we scarfed down that food it was last call there and we made it home. I don't know what time we ended up back at the hotel but we made it back.

Then in the morning, Kevin & Shane left really early because they had to go to work. So they were lucky because Gilbert and I were woken up by people doing construction on all the rooms around us. Seriously, it looked like every other room on the floor was unoccupied and they were drilling and sawing at 8AM! We called 3 TIMES and the front desk eventually said that there was nothing that they could do about it and they could move us to another floor. We were checking out that morning so that didn't do anything. The manager was conveniently not available. Since the room was under Shane's name, we're going to have him call the manager and bitch her out and see if we can get a free room.

So finally I left SD and drove back to Hermosa. My friend heidi was on layover @ LAX on her way back from New Zealand from 1-7pm. So, I picked her up from the airport and took her back to Hermosa. I got her drunk (like she asked me to do), we got some food, and I took her back to the airport. I haven't seen her for over a year so that was cool.

And now it's time to go back to work. At least I didn't have to go back today (Tuesday). If you made it to the bottom of this long-ass posting of a long-ass weekend... congratulations!

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