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Andrew's Homecoming Party Weekend in SLO

Andrew was having a homecoming party up in SLO on Sunday, so I went up friday and took off Monday.

On Friday, we went out to Marty's for a shot, and then The Library, and finished the night at Bulls. I forgot to charge my camera so no photos. Yeah, I know you're bummed.

On Saturday, we (me, Angel, and Andrew) went to see Dave Buys (former Bull's bartender) since it was his birthday. Now, please note, because we just learned this after 5+ years of knowing this guy... His last name is BUYS not BIAS. We've all been putting an extra syllable in his last name for over 5 years. He just never bothered to correct anyone!


(Click to see more)

Anyway, he was working at AJ Spurs for a while and now he works at McClintock's in Shell Beach. He hooked us up and then we went to a Naughty Nurses party in Pismo. After that, we went to the Z-Club and saw a huge fight that lasted 5 minutes and covered most of the bar. (The biggest I've seen in a long time). Then we went to a new bar called Black Sheep. Finally, closed out the night at Bull's.

Now let's talk about Angel. That night was in the top 10. His bro Bil says it was top 5! Angel was out of control! I wish I had more photos of that drunkass!


(Click the photo to see more)

On Sunday, Andrew had his Housewarming BBQ. Again I forgot to take photos. I did remember to take one of the Tri-Tip which was marinated in the good old Ski Club recipe for 3 days!


(Click the photo to see more)

After the BBQ, we went to sloshball at Cuesta Park where a lot of Woodstocks people and friends were there. We watched and drank until the keg went dry. Then we went to Woodstocks for beer & pizza. Then we went down to Bulls for a drink before heading home. Again, sorry no photos. Who made me the photographer?

Overall, awesome weekend. It was nice to see everyone up in SLO. It looks like we're going to have a crowd this Friday afternoon for happy hour as lots of us are going to party here, crash in Hermosa, then go down to Del Mar and meet up with even more people for Suma's bday. See ya there!

Jacqueline's 21st

The bars could only take away so many fakes. This day had been coming for a while. Now Jacqueline can finally go out with us instead of just Anthony coming and leaving her at home. Wait?? Is that a good thing? O well...

After some poker, we went down to the Lighthouse, Patrick Molloy's and The Underground. She didn't puke, but did promise to do another wine bong. That video is with the photos below. Here's a photo of her doing a blow job. Hmmm, I wonder if the search engines will pick up on that last sentence?


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The weekend started out so well! I had Friday off. Mike & I went to an early happy hour at 4pm. We started nice and early. Had a good time.


(Click the photo to see more before the fall)

We met some hot chicks. They said that Guttermouth was playing at Latitudes in Redondo Beach. So we headed over to Latidutes. Guttermouth played and put on a good show.


(Click the photo to see more before the fall)

Meanwhile, Jared, Jon Groden, & co. were down in the LBC for the System of a Down show. They were planning on crashing at my place so they called when their show was over and we met back at my place. Then we continued to party by scarfing down pizza and drinking some Jager and more as we partied on the roof. This was the last known picture of me having a good time, taken around 1:30AM...


(Click the photo to see more before the fall)

After that, I twisted my knee and rolled my ankle coming down the stairs and really fucked up my leg. I went to the ER on Sunday morning (24 hours later). They took some X-rays and nothing was broken so that was good. But my leg is pretty fucked up, sprained, and I'm crutching around like a gimp.

On Sunday afternoon, Kim and Holly showed up. They were already planning on visitng for a couple days. It sucked because they went out to happy hour on sunday night and I couldn't walk down there. They did drive my ass down there on Monday night for a few drinks, so thanks for taking care of me. :)


(Click the photo to see more with Kim & Holly)

Milkdud's Wedding Weekend

Friday sucked... at first. The plan was to leave work early around 12 or 1 and head down to San Diego. I lagged and left at 3 which sucked. It turned a 2 hour drive into a 4.5 hour drive. Fucken-A that sucked!

Anyway, I finally made it there. I went out with Justin & Renee to PB and checked out a quality dive bar: PB Pub. Never heard of it? punk music blasting from the jukebox, a Jager machine, cheap beer, and pool. I love it! I know, not everybody's cup of tea, but it was fun and we got fucked up!


(Click the photo to see more from the weekend)

Saturday was Mike "Milkdud" McConnell's wedding. First of all... Congratulations Mike & Mandy!

I met up with Bubba and we went to the hotel & then went to the the wedding. The wedding was a lot of fun. Aren't they all??? Yeah, yeah, I saw Wedding Crashers but I was actually invited to this wedding. Anyway, it was really cool to see some old friends. We don't get a chance to hang out that much so that was fun. We also took full advantage of the full bar and that's why we have photos to remind us of the final hours of the night.


(The wedding couple on the left. The Cal Poly crew from back in the day on the right.)

The final story of the night is about Bubba. He said that he tried to find me but when I tried to find him he had already left the wedding and went back to the hotel. We tried calling but no answer. Matt gave Ernie and me a ride back to the hotel where we found Bubba passed out in Lobby. Needless to say, the hotel lobby staff were happy to see us.
"Bubba, why are you passed out here?"
"Uhhhhh, I don't have a key" he said
"Yeah you do, it's in your pocket!"
"No it's not... o wait I found it."

So apparently, Bubba didn't have to pass out in the lobby. He could have passed out in the hotel room by using the key in his pocket.


(Click the photo to see more from the weekend)

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