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My Birthday Weekend

Yeah, it was my Birthday weekend a few days ago. 9/24 to be exact. If you came out and partied Fri, Sat, or Sun... a big THANKS! We all had a crazy time! If you didn't make it, here's the recap. Gimme a call and come down and hang out some time. Or, I might be in your neck of the woods some time, so let me know!

Akin & I started out Friday with a few pitchers at Patrick Molloy's. Then we headed over to the Poop Deck for some flip cup happy hour! Anthony & his roommate met up and then we went back to Patrick Molloy's after flip cup was over. I remember hanging out with Jane and seeing Sara, but then I black out somewhere around hanging out on the patio. O well, it's my birthday, right? No good photos from that night.

This was the big & crazy day... Well part 1. Lots of Cal Poly people came down to party (Gabe, Shane, Gilbert, Brett) and some even came up (Nikki, RJ)! Did I forget someone?

Anyway, most people showed up in the afternoon and we drank some beers and then went down to the bars for some food. We came back, played a little poker and waited for some more people, then went back again. Some more people joined us including Russ, Sarah, and her roommate. We drank at Partick Molloys, and some went over to FFFF where rumor has it someone (not me) got a little trashed and kicked out! Maybe even thrown out? Don't worry, I get kicked out of a bar later this weekend.

Sunday started with the traditional Sunday Funday Mimomsa Breakfast at Sharkeez at 10AM. We definitely got our fair share of all-you-can-drink mimosas. Turn the clock, and a Raider game and I don't know how many drinks later, it's getting dark! Apparently one of the bouncers didn't like the fact that the girl he had a crush on was hanging out with me & Gilbert so we eventually headed next door to Patrick Molloys. Then we had some shots with some random people and Jane & some other waitresses. Then some big dude manager guy said I had to leave because I was too drunk. I guess that's his opinion... but it was around 9PM so we did get in a good 11 hours down there! Not too bad, huh? That reminds you of the good old days of Wildflower were you just keep going all day long!

Anyway, here are the photos from the weekend. Thanks to everybody who came out! And if you didn't make it then gimme a call and we'll hang out later! Also thanks to everyone else who sent me IMs, emails, voicemails and text messages for my birthday!


(Click the photo to see all the photos from my birthday weekend)

Lots of birthdays, Party Bus, and Sunday Funday

Friday started off with doing the Mama's $5 all-you-can-eat pizza and $1 beers with Russ, Isaac, and Jordan. This place sucks. Don't go there. It's not worth it. Then we went to the Underground for some drinking and darts. Finally, I went to Patrick Molloy's to meet up with some people.

Saturday, my neighbor Christian had a party at his place in the afternoon because it was his girlfriend Melissa's birthday. That was perfect timing because it was also a preparty for the party bus. We had 5 of us with birthdays this month so we organized for the party bus to take about 50 of us up to Hollywood to The White Lotus. For $20, they take you up to Hollywood, you skip the line, no cover to the club, and then they take you back at 2am. And everyone parties on the bus! It kinda reminded me of the ski club trips on the bus, but just at a smaller scale and the bus ride only lasts an hour instead of 24+ hours.


(Click above for all of Saturday's photos)

Traci and Stacey came down on Sunday and we went down to Sharkeez for Sunday Funday. Andrew also came down since he had to pick up Angel, Bil, and co. from the airport later that night. We started with screwdrivers, then pitchers of beer, then fishbowls, and more fishbowls! It was a crazy day as you can tell from the photos! If you haven't experienced a Sunday Funday... then send me an email and sign up! :)


(Click above for all of Sunday Funday's activities)

Friday started off with happy hour, of course. Me, Mike, Claire, Isaac, & Akin went to Sharkeez then the Poop Deck for some flip cup. After that we headed off to the Underground. ...Well at least I know I did. I don't know where they ended up. :)


(Click the photos to see more from the weekend)

Kim and Jen came down from up north. We hit up Union Cattle after a little prepartying. In the morning, we hit up Sunday Funday for Mimosas in the morning. That led to some screwdrivers and bloody mary's Then it was nap time before we went back for happy hour between 6-8pm. (The girls didn't want to leave Hermosa without a shark and crocodile.) Anyway, as you can see in the photos, Kim had a little too much to drink.

girlsbefore.jpg  thirsdaykim.jpg

(Click the photos to see more from the weekend)

Labor Day Havascrew!!!

Havascrew.... Fuck Yeah!

You gotta love this place, where whippped cream is liquid gold and beer bongs cause 1/2 naked hot chicks head straight to your boat! For those who couldn't make it... too bad! Maybe next year.

OK OK. Enough talk... Let's get to the photos!


Click the photo and let the mayhem begin!

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