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Double Decker Bus Pub Crawl Weekend

Friday was full of happy hours. Sharkeez, then the Poop Deck. Then we ended up at Patrick Molloys. I forgot to bring the camera.

Saturday was crazy! We were part of a 3 bus pub crawl. 3 double decker busses full of drunks in halloween costumes. I think there was about 150 or 200 people!


(Click the photo to see more from the double-decker madness!)

Sunday was another Gilbert-mandated Sunday Funday and to top it off... even the Raiders won!

Shane's Birthday Weekend

Saturday was Shane's birthday so we went to Benihanna. Numi was in town and Andrew also came down with Traci.


(Click the photo to see more from the weekend)

On Sunday we did another Sunday Funday. Traci and Stacey joined us along with Andrew, Shane, and Kevin decided to show up later. Good Times!


(Click the photo to see more from the weekend)

UCLA vs Cal Weekend

OK, I've been lagging on the website updates.
We went to the UCLA/Cal game and tailgated at the Rose Bowl before the game. RJ came up and Tom & Megan came down.


(Click the photo to see more)

The Move Weekend

This past weekend's photos are a little late because we didn't get internet in our apartment until today. I moved this weekend. Don't worry, same location, same apartment building, just a different apartment. I moved from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom. Gilbert (a buddy from college for those who don't know) liked Hermosa so much he decided to move down here. Coincidentally, so did Kevin & Sherman. They moved into their pad this weekend as well See a trend here?

On Friday, Sherman and I went out for happy hour part 1 (Sharkeez) and then happy hour part 2 (The Poop Deck). Then my buddy Akin had a birthday thing at Blue 32... a bar that's trying to be a hollywood-type club in Hermosa. It doesn't work. To prove my point, and a few table service bottles later, he got a tab for.... $1500.00!!! Yup. fucken insane! Anyway, we were only there for a few minutes and Kevin met up and then we went to Union Cattle. Then I went down to Patrick Molloy's to meet up with some people but instead found some other people. Pretty good night overall.

Saturday was Move Day. Gerry came down and really saved the day. Thanks dude! I don't know how many fucken times I went up and down those stairs on Satuday and Sunday but it was definitely in the triple digits. Well into the triple digits. But by Sunday Night it was all over.

But back to Saturday, Shane came down too and so did Kevin and Gerry's cousin. We all went out to the Underground and then to Patrick Molloy's (I think). We lost Gerry at the end of the night and found him curled up on the front porch!

gerry1.jpg   gerry2.jpg

(Click either photo to see the photos from the weekend)

On Sunday, my parents came down for brunch and then it was back to moving for the rest of the day and then cleaning my old place. That wasn't fun at all so I don't have any photos for ya.

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