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Thanksgiving Weekend

Since a lot of people were in town for Turkey day, we got together for some post Turkey day partying.

Friday, we Gilbert, Gerry, & RJ went down to happy hour part 1 @ Sharkeez. I joined up later for happy hour part 2 @ The Poop Deck. After that, we went back to our apartment for some drinking games before we headed over to Beaches in Manhattan Beach.

pd.jpg  beaches.jpg

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On Saturday, we played some poker in the afternoon, hit up Los Muchachos, prepartied (Kevin called for the beer bong), then hit up Union Cattle.


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Sunday was another Sunday Funday. We had a whole crew out and definitely had our fare share of mimosas. Gilbert, Gerry, and RJ hit up Dragon but I guess I didn't make it. :)


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Thursday: I played some poker with a few of the boys and then I met up with Gilbert and Chris at Patrick Molloy's for their Thurs Late Night happy hour ($2 drinks 9pm-close)!!

On Friday, RJ came up again and we started off with some pitchers of beer at Happy Hour Part 1 before moving to Happy Hour Part 2. Part 2 = Flip Cup at the Poop Deck. Gotta love $1 32oz beers! Then we ended up at the Lighthouse then FFFF.


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On Saturday morning, some of Gilbert's friends came down and we went to a special Mimosa Saturday at Sharkeez (instead of Sunday). Then later that night, I drove down to Corona del Mar to hang out with Ashley (aka Smashley). This was the first time I saw her in who knows how long... maybe a year? She had been drinking since the morning so she was trashed (living up to her name). We partied at The Goat Hill Tavern, a nice dive bar in Costa Mesa. It's not what you'd expect for somthing right next to the prestigous Newport Beach and the OC. (Come on.. sing it... "Califoriaaaaa, Califooornniiiaaaa"). Anyway, it was like a combination of Bull's and The Poop Deck. You gotta love a good dive bar! Anyway we drank there until the bar closed then went back to Ashley's and drank another hour while was Mike passed out. (We also had to pull over on the way home from the bar because he had to puke). Now I gotta drag her ass up to Hermosa so she can get a taste of the good life in the South Bay.


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As for this weekend, if there is snow, we may head up to Mammoth. If not, I think a lot of the LA natives that will be in town for Turkey Day want to party this weekend. Stay tuned...

UCLA/ASU Weekend

We went to the UCLA/ASU football game at the Rose Bowl. We got there nice and early to tail gate all afternoon. After tons of beers, a few shotguns, and Gilbert's carne asada BBQ, we watched UCLA kicked ass at the game.


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After the game we came back to Hermosa. I went to Suzy's in North Redondo to see Anthony's Band Free For All play their first show in a couple years. After that, I met up with the rest of the Cal Poly guys at FFFF.


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Sunday: Another Sunday Funday! Suzanne and Becky met up with us for this Sunday Funday since they happened to be in Redondo this weekend. Matt Jue also made a surprise appearance at Sunday Funday. We drank mimosas until they ran out around 2pm. Then we had a couple shark attacks and fishbowls. Raiders lost, but the Kings won 8-2. Awesome time!


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Homecoming Weekend

I'm back from Homecoming Weekend in SLO and it was awesome to hang out with everyone. We had people come from San Deigo to San Francisco. It was a non-stop party all weekend long!

Friday, we hit up Woodstocks, then Bull's, then Black Sheep, then Marti's, then Bull's. least I think that was the order!


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Saturday was the big day. We all met up at Bull's and then went to campus at 1PM for the all-you-can-eat Tri-Tip BBQ, all-you-can-drink beer, and all-you-can-drink wine tasting! We defitely got our money's worth!


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After that, and the football game, we headed back downtown, and then to Andrew's place where we got a ton of beer and partied there before we headed back downtown. We found out that James (think "$2, exact change please") had retired. O well, one less weirdo driving for Safe Ride. We eventually made it down to The Library where we finished off the night.

Sunday, we had breakfast at Black Sheep and then headed out to a local wine for a short winetasting adventure at Wild Wood at the bottom of the Cuesta grade before heading home.

Finally, on an off note, try searching for some of the following things on Google:
Patrick Molloys
mimosa flip cup
poop deck hermosa
ryan cal poly keg
fucken ryan

Crazy huh? Gotta love the internet!

Halloween Weekend

The true Halloween celebrations started the week before. See below for last week's triple double-decker bus pub crawl.

That doesn't mean that this weekend wasn't fun too. On Thursday, Shane made a surprise appearance in Hermosa Beach. Sherman also happend to touch down in time to join the festivities. Everything started with a work happy hour at Union Cattle. Then we headed down to Patrick Molloy's where they were having their Halloween party.


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Friday, we went up to Brett's place to BBQ some of Gilbert's Carne Asada from the Hood (ghetto East LA). Then we checked out one of Sherman Oak's premier dive bars: The Chimney Sweep. Kevin decided that he liked older chicks that night! :) 'nuf said!

Saturday, we dressed up in costume and pre-partied at Sarah & Stephanie's place. Then we walked down to Patrick Molloy's. The girls all dressed nice and slutty sexy.


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Sunday, Kevin suggested a Sunday Funday. Then, for some reason, he challenged the table next to us to a Shark Attack race. That's where each table selects 4 people (2 guys, 2 chicks) and you have to pound an 84oz shark attack bucket. First one to finish the bucket wins. After that, we were done! But then again, we showed up at 10 and left at 6 so I think we were there for long enough.


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Next up: Cal Poly Homecoming Weekend. See you in SLO!

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