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Mammoth January

On Thursday we head up to Mammoth! Jennifer hooked us up with an awesome condo. So Nikki, Tom, Eric, Jennifer & I partied Thursday. We snowboarded Friday. Andrew & Sherman joined us that afternoon. We also met up later that weekend with Kevin, Phil, Shaq, Baldass, and Jared. CPSC was also in town so we partied with them on Friday & Saturday night. Sunday was T-shirt weather as I snowboarded in a t-shirt! The snow was fucken awesome! I'll be back soon! But first, Superbowl this weekend then South Tahoe next weekend!


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Tron's Birthday and RJ's Going Away

We had people coming from the San Jose, SLO, Ventura, San Diego, and all over LA. It was a crazy weekend, yet again!

This was a precurser to the madness to come. I had a work happy hour and we took over Harry O's. We'll protect the innocent and keep the work people anonymous. We did have over 30 there!

We hit up happy hour early in the afternoon since I had the day off. Then we came back for a little bit to round up some more people before we headed down to the Poop Deck for their filp cup happy hour. Then we went bar hopping to Patrick Molloy's, The Underground, and FFFF.


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On Saturday we had about 20 people go to a LA King hockey game. Matt Jue pulled some strings and hooked us up with $120 bad ass seats for $80. The game was awesome until the Sharks scored with 30 seconds left in the game to tie the game, and then they scored again with 8 seconds left in OT to win. That sucked because we had to listen to Numi brag about his damn Sharks!

On Saturday night, we had a huge posse! After gathering most of the troops at our place, we rolled down to The Underground with 25 strong! It was like we were in a pub crawl but we just took over at The Underground all night!

121day.jpg  121night.jpg

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Sunday = Sunday Funday
It was championship football day so where do you go on a day like that? Sharkeez for $3 breakfast, all-you-can-drink mimosas, 3-man, and football!


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Thanks to all who came out for the entire weekend or just for a night! We'll have to do it again!

Up next
Coming up on Thursday is MAMMOTH! I've been lagging this year on getting my ass up to Mammoth so this is the weekend. We have our own crew of about 10 and we might have to crash the CPSC condo since they're going to be up there this weekend too! We also won't forget the locals: Ashley & Jovan. Mammoth, here we come! We have some snow showers in the forecast for the weekend so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

A random (or typical) weekend

It was a fun weekend, but I couldn't find any reason why we partied like we did. On Friday, we hit up the Poop Deck and Union Cattle. On Saturday, we hit up The North End and then The Underground before heading back here and partying until 6AM. Nobody knows why but we did. Sunday, we full of mimosas in the morning, then a chill afternoon.


Gilbert & Riley get it on at 4AM
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So the weekend was fun, but not that eventful. Next weekend should be fun!

Justin's Birthday, then Shane visits

On Friday, I drove down to San Diego for Justin's Birthday. We met up with a bunch of people at Doublin Square, which claimed to be the most authentic Irish pub in San Diego. We had a cool variey of people show up... some that I haven't seen for a long time. I hung out with Katey Tortorici for the first time in years. I hadn't seen Renee or Margie for a while, and Triton for even longer. Jason and Carol also came out. So we had a fun time. Then I had to race home at 8AM because Shane Avery (my old roommate) was coming into town.


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Shane & Ellie picked up Nick along the way and Ellie dropped them off in Hermosa for the day. We hit up the bar for some all-you-can-drink mimosa breakfasts. Apparently the word is out and these are getting pretty famous! Well, we had lots of mimosas and beer and yeah, well you get the point. After Ellie picked them up, Gilbert & I went to Dragon with Riley for $1 beers before heading home for a nap.

After the nap, we were going to go out but it turned into a movie night for me but Gilbert made it out for a little bit.


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Sunday, Gilbert & I went to Jersey's for breakfast because Jesi was working and she said that they had good breakfast burritos. She forced a ton of beer down our throats so a 1-beer-breakfast turned into an afternoon at Jersey's. Then, we met up at Sharkeez for happy hour 6-8pm, and then for some reason we got dragged to Dragon before heading home. I wasn't planing on going out so I didn't bring out the camera.

New Year's Weekend

This year, we celebrated New Year's in Hermosa Beach. We had friends come from the North, South, and East. (Nobody came from the west since we're only a block away from the beach) :)

Shane came down to start of the weekend early. First, we prepartied and devirginized my new drinking roulette wheel. We had so much fun that we showed up to Patrick Molloy's a little to late and there was a long ass line. So, we went to The Underground instead.


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On Friday, Brett came down and joined me, Gilbert, and Shane. We started the day by getting some exersize: a grouling tennis match where we witnessed Gilbert "Sampras" Peraza tear up the court. Rachel, Suma, and Gerry joined us in time for happy hour flip cup at The Poop Deck. After that, we went to Patrick Molloys and yup... drank some more.


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Saturday was New Year's Eve. We all woke up early on Saturday because some people [who will remain anonymous] were loud in the morning. Most of us went back to sleep for a couple of hours. When we woke up again, we found out that Gerry & Suma had already been at Sharkeez for a couple hours. So we went down there to watch some football and get breakfast (and lots of all-you-can-drink mimosas).

Later on in the afternoon, Tom & Megan and some of their fam came down to join us along with Ashley & Wendy, Jason & Carol, and RJ also made a brief appearance. We BBQed and prepartied at our place. We played a crazy game of 3 man and I don't think Ashley will ever play that game again! Then went to a local dive bar called Jersey's. Some of Gilberts friends organized this thing at Jersey's where there was no cover, they took over the music and we had lot of cheap drinks. They said that last year they got sick of the heavy covers and expensive drinks & stuff at the popular bars so they oranized this instead. We all had an awesome time and basically took over the bar.


(Click on the photo to see more. Tom also took some videos that you should check out.)

Sunday Funday
Sunday was our "planned" guys day out to Sharkeez, as we had a few tables reserved in the morning outside on the patio. Long story short is that we were there all day and into the night! We showed up at 10AM. After some mimosa flip cup, crock shots, fishbowls, & more and a trip to Dragon for $1 beers and then back.... time check: midnight. I think that's when most of us went home but Gerry decided to close out the night and stay until 2AM. Sunday Funday definitely lived up to its name.


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Now we all need a break. It's back to work for me for the first time in 3 weeks! Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Here comes the Fuck You's. On another note, I'm drewling on the dump reports I keep receiving from Mammoth. 10 FUCKEN FEET of NEW SNOW from this last storm! Who wants to go this weekend? Or the weekend after that? Let me know!

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