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Oktoberfest and Mikes Wedding

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My Birthday

My birthday was on Monday 9/24, so that meant that we had to celebrate it the weekend before and the weekend after! The first weekend we had a rooftop party with Jen and Erica who also have September birthdays.

On the second weekend, we had lot of people in town, including the Turlock girls who drove all the way down from the middle of CA. The big day was Saturday, where we rented a charter bus and did a tour of Sharkeez. From Hermosa, we went down to the Newport Beach Sharkeez, then Huntington Beach Sharkeez, then the Manhattan Beach Sharkeez. We also partied on the bus in between each stop!

It was a ton of fun and I want to thank the almost 50 people who came on the bus or met up with us along the way! Please send me your photos since I remember everyone taking lots of them!

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Countdown to Cinco de Mayo!

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