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Brett's Birthday at Saddle Ranch in Hollywood

First happy hour with BT, Tom, and the gang. Then Sat, a rare sighting.... me in Hollywood @ Saddle Ranch.

P9050809  P9050817

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Mid June with Beer and Duct Tape

On Friday, Kristy, Tyler, and I all had the day off. So we spent some time on the roof in the sun with some beers. Check out the photos to find a new use for duct tape! The rest of the weekend was full of FFFF, Molloy's, Dragon, Sharkeez, and some other places...


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Early November in Hermosa

Friday, we did a little flipping to start of Kristy & Anne's quarter life crisis pub crawl.


Saturday was the annual Strand Skiing weekend. Later, we went out to the Underground and Union Cattle.


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Cal Poly at SDSU Weekend

Cal Poly played San Diego State at Qualcomm statdium, so we got a ton of people to come down to party. Odds are you were there. If you weren't then you missed out!

Some of us went down to SD on Thursday night. We hit up the Lamplighter.

On Friday, we took out Jason's boat and cruised around the bay. Fright night, we went to the Waterfront. It was a new bar for us, but I like it.


Saturday was game day. The game started at 5pm. So we started at noon to give us 5 hours of quality tailgating time. Then Cal Poly won the game with a sweet field goal. And to rub it in, it was also SDSU's homecoming! After some post-game tailgating we went back to Jason's and some of us eventually ended up back at the Lamplighter. This is where Gilbert proceeded to pass out AGAIN at, yet, ANOTHER bar!

normal_IMG_0285.JPG  gilbertpassedoutlamplighter.JPG

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Cal Poly Homecoming Weekend in SLO

We had a lot of people go up to SLO for Cal Poly's Homecoming Weekend. Friday, we started at the ski club's Icebreaker party @ Cuesta Park. Then we went to Firestone's for dinner. Damn good! For the rest of the night we started at Blacksheep, then ended the night at Bull's.

Saturday was the CP Homecoming tailgate and football game. All-you-can-eat BBQ, all-you-can-drink Beer, and all-you-can-drink Wine Tasting! Then, we watched a painful football game as Cal Poly lost by 1 point. At night, we hit up Blacksheep again. All I'll say is the drinks were stiff! I'm sure someone will send me some photos of the consequences! :)


Guest Bartending at Sharkeez

Alene guest bartended at Sharkeez. We got hooked up big time since JJ and Ryan were working.


Shane's Birthday

For Shane's birthday weekend, we headed up to beautiful Burbank. We started on Friday at Acapulco for Happy Hour. Then we played poker at Kevin's place before going to the Burbank Bar & Grill. Saturday, Stephanie and I went to Magic Mountain. We have season passes so who wants to go??? Saturday night, we went to the Saddle Ranch in Hollywood which is one of the few places I actually enjoy going to in Hollywood. Good times. Happy Birthday Shane!


King's Game

I never thought it would happen, but I actually got work to buy me tickets for a King's game. Better yet, they were first row, right at the glass, $120 seats!


Sharkeez and the North End

On Friday, we started in Manhattan Beach @ Sharkeez. Since our group had the biggest happy hour, we got a free $100 bar tab! So after all that, we went to BT's to party for a while. Then we walked to The North End for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, Stefanie & I went to see Carlos Mencia at the Gibson Amphitheater. He kicked ass!

Sunday was full of football. We watched a high school game on TV (Raiders vs. 49ers).

(Gilbert passed out at the North End)

SJ and the Raiders Game

This weekend Gilbert & I flew up to San Jose to hang out with Numi and go to the Raider game.

On Friday, we went out to the Tiki bar in downtown San Jose where we got hooked up since Numi knew the bartender.

On Saturday, we watched lots of football and drank some beers. Numi got too fucked up and couldn't go out that night. We went to The Hut without Numi.

On Sunday, we headed up to Oakland with Angel and tailgated for 5 hours before going to the Raiders game. The fucken game was basically sold out and I unded up having to buy a $96 ticket for the damn game! Yeah, I had bad-ass seats on the 45 yard line but still! And to top it off, after it looked like the Raiders were going to win, they fucked it up at the end of the game.

But things turned around for me because I sat down on the plane next to Marty McSorley, the former LA King and now broadcaster for Fox Sports.


My Birthday Weekend

Thanks to everyone who came out during the weekend for my birthday! So far I have some of my own photos here. Please send me your photos by email or using one of the links on the right column and I'll put them up too.


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New Camera... Photos coming soon!

Ryan got a new camera for his birthday this weekend so get ready for lot of photos and regular updates once again!

Ponies and Kegs

On Friday, we took a trip down to Costa Mesa and Newport. Jen and Stacey came down with me and we met up with Stefanie. Then we went to Goat Hill Tavern where we eventually met up with Kevin & Shaq. Also, randomly, Hendo appeared out of nowhere. Nice surprise!

on Saturday, we went to Sharkeez in Newport for breakfast and all-you-can-drink mimosas. We told the manager in passing that we were from Hermosa. If you don't live around here, you may not know that the Hermosa Sharkeez burn down a few months ago. Or maybe you're in Bulgeria and they even know that Sharkeez burned down so where have you been? Anyway, for being loyal Sharkeez patrons, he offered to buy us all a round. We suggested a Crocodile Rock fishbowl instead. He said no problem. Cool! ...except somehow I decided to drive this weekend. O well, so the girls got drunk.

After breakfast, we went down south to the Del Mar racetrack where they were also having a microbrew festival. We had about 20 or 30 people with all of our friends combined with Stefanie's friends. Not everyone is in this photo but here's a lot of them...


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After the races, we went to Stefanie's brother's place in San Diego where they were having their annual Ponies and Kegs party. There we had more people come join us and we partied all night long. Awesome weekend.

PS: Thanks to Jen and Shane for the photos this weekend. I still need to get my fucken camera fixed. The photos on the boat are from Shane's camera. Shane came down a day earlier and Jason finally has a boat again, so I'll have to go back and go for a ride!

No photos. been busy

I didn't forget about all you guys. Thanks to those who were worried! :)
My camera is broken. Keep sending in your photos and I'll try to find some time to update website.

While Ryan was in NZ

So while I was gone in New Zealand, some of the Hermosa locals decided to have some fun without me. The 6-man tournament was going on in Manhattan Beach. I guess I missed that. Well, I'm still need to fix my damn camera, but here's some photos of some other people having fun...


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Dragon and the Beach

Ryan still doesn't have a camera. So send me your photos. Here are some photos so far...

On Friday, we hit up the Poop Deck. And then... well it was 1:30AM and everything was closing up. Damn, where's the night go?

On Saturday, we hit up Dragon in the afternoon for lots of $1 beers. On Saturday night, your's truely didn't seem to wake up from his nap in time to go out that night. Everyone else went to Harbor Drive.

On Sunday, we met up at the beach in the afternoon and then there's some photos from Joe's Crab Shack where we had dinner that night.


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Dodger Game and Wine Tasting Weekend

- Friday - We had some people in town for the Dodgers game so we we hit up the Poop Deck. Jordan, Vanessa, Mike, and Claire also came out to the Deck.
- Saturday - I already had plans to do the SOAP Wine Tasting Tour. We took 56 people in a charter bus up to Santa Ynez (north of Santa Barbara) for the day. We had lots of mimosas on the way up. Then we hit up 4 wineries. It was awesome! Since my camera is broken, no photos yet until i get some from some other people.

On the other side of things, Gilbert got a group of people to go the Dodgers/Giants game. So they had some fun without me (or I had more fun without them). Either way, we met up in Hermosa and went out to The Underground that night.


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4th of July Weekend

For the 4th of July Weekend, we headed down to San Diego. One cool thing about San Diego is that you're legally allowed to drink on the beach. One thing that sucked about this weekend was that my camera got fucked up at the beginning of the weekend when I was sober!

So these photos are courtesy of Shane. if you have any from this weekend or the upcoming weekends before I get a camera pelase send them my way!

- Friday we stayed in Hermosa and played some flip cup.
- Saturday, we met up with some old timers like Triton and Bob. We played a big game of Sloshball. Well some of us hung out at 2nd base and drank beer but that counts too! Then after going back to Jason's house we went to the Lamplighter (a local karaoke/dive bar favorite).
- Sunday, we hit up PB and partied on the beach all day. Then we met up with my old roommates Justin, Rob, and Brandon in OB.
- Monday, we chilled at Jason's pool where we got introduced to the bean bag game called something like Cornholio. It sounds corny (yeah, pun intended) but it's cool. Monday night we went to McGreggor's and met up with Tom, Meghan, Suma, Isaac, and more. Then we went back to Suma's place and partied there for the rest of the night.
- Tuesday, we woke up at the crack of dawn to get down to Mission Bay to grab a spot on the beach. You're not allowed to drink until noon on the beach. It's strickly enforced ($200+ fine). But it's well woth the wait!! It's a fucken crazy party!!!
- Tuesday night... well there was no need for anything after the fireworks Tuesday at the beach. We passed out then woke up at 5AM to beat the traffic home.


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A party weekend while Shane is out of town

Shane decided that he was going to go golfing for the weekend in 115 degree Palm Springs. So since we didn't have anything else planned, we decided to have fun without him. Thus, the title above, and now for the events below...

The weekend started on Thursday when Ray decided to come down to Hermosa. We hit up Molloy's for happy hour there (9-close).

On Friday, we went out in the afternoon for some beers at Dragon, and then we took a break for a little big before going to the Poop Deck for some filp cup happy hour fun. We got Riley to come out for the first time in a long time. She just told us that she's moving soon :(

Anyway, we played the traidional Friday night Poop Deck flip cup. Vanessa was kicking Jordan's ass by the way. Hey Jordan! You should practice before next time! Anyway, then we hit up The Underground.

Saturday morning he got some margaritas and breakfast at Cantina Real. Then, we were going to party and chill on the roof but the eweather was a little cold and weird. So we BBQed outside our apartment instead of on the roof. After the feast, we ended up getting over 20 over to preparty before we hit up the Union Cattle Co. Then we ended up in the ocean on the way back from the bar!


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Middle of June

On Friday, we hit up the Poop Deck. Jordan and Vanessa were rookies to flip cup but they'll pulled through and are now pros. I'm sure they'll be back soon.

Saturday, we started with mimosa breakfast @ Molloy's, then World Cup soccer, then BBQing & drinking at the pool @ Chris's. Then we met up with Anthony & Jacqueline and hit up Union Cattle Saturday night.


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AVP Hermosa Beach Open

This weekend we had AVP Hermosa Beach Open. This is huge! They setup a 15,000 person stadium on the beach next to the pier and in front of the Poop Deck. Lots of people come down to Hermosa and party. So here are a few photos...


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Beginning of June Weekend

Thurs: Patrick Molloys and Dragon
Fri: Poopdeck & Union Cattle
Saturday: Dragon during the day. The Underground at night
Sunday: Patrick Molloys for mimosa Sunday (an attempt to replace Sunday Funday @ Sharkeez)

Jen was in town since she was trying to find a place to live. Her friend Gayla was visiting from Michigan. Colin came into town on Saturday. He's beein in New Zealand and Australia for 1.5 years. Now he has an accent nad talks like a Kiwi.


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New Photo Gallery!

I've switched everything to a new photo gallery. This give me much more control as to who sees the pictures.

So, in order to view the photos, you will need to Create a new account by Registering. This is a one time thing. When you register for a new account, I will receive an email. I must approve every new account request before you can view any of the photos!

Yeah, I understand this can be a pain in the ass, but once you do this, you can log on at any time. This will also "protect the innocent" when it comes to a few "questionable" photos :) So I hope you all understand.

So visit the Photo Gallery and click on the Register button at the top left.


Mammoth in May

We hit up Mammoth for probably the last time this year. It was the end of May and they still had 13 feet of snow!


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Mother's Day Weekend

Not much going on this weekend as far as photos go. Just the usual I guess. But here they are anyway...


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New photo gallery coming soon

I'm working on getting a new photo gallery up on the website. Until then, you won't be able to view any photos. I hope to have this done in a few days.

Cinco de Mayo Weekend

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo in Hermosa Beach, but little did we know that we would be saying goodbye to Sharkeez for the last time this weekend!

Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach was burned to the ground in a huge fire early Tuesday morning! We celebrated our last Crocodile Rock Fishbowls on Sunday without even knowing it! (South Bay Daily Breeze Article, NBC Article)

So in a tribute to Sharkeez and Cinco de Mayo, I give you last weekend's photos. Friday we hit up Union Cattle. Saturday, after a couple drinks on the roof during the day, we went to a party at Noah's house. And Sunday, we our last (yes last) day at Sharkeez.

A Sharkeez memorial service will be held Thursday night at the Poop Deck (not organized by us). I'm sure the whole town state wll be mourining and drinking to Sharkeez this weekend. They will rebuild, maybe in 6 months to a year but that won't be soon enough. If you'll be in town, we'll be having breakfast and mimosas on the roof.


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End of April Weekend

I can't remember if there was anything going on this weekend or we just hung out. It looks like we hit up The Underground and Dragon.


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Cal Poly Open House Weekend

We headed up to SLO for Open House weekend. Send me your photos and I'll throw them up with mine. So far I've put up Shane's & Alene's photos.


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Gerry, Jen, and Stefanie in town

Friday was a change. We went to Pasadena to see some friends. We went to McMurphy's. What we realized is that Pasadena sucks and we need to appreciate Hermosa more!

So Saturday we went back to Hermosa. Gerry surprised us on Saturday when he came down with Jen. Stefanie also came up. We partied Saturday afternoon at a house part. Then we went down to Dragon for $1 beer and some crazy filp cup. Then we went back home for a break for a couple hours.

Saturday night Kevin came down and we hit up The Underground with Cokehead & Stephanie.

dollarbeersdragon.jpg  PICT0148.jpg

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Sunday, was a traditional Sunday Funday for those out-of-towners new to Hermosa. We started at Sharkeez, then hit up Dragon and eventually made it back for happy hour at Sharkeez. What a crazy day. Hell, it was a crazy weekend!

0409sundayfunday.jpg  mejen.jpg

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Mammoth in April - 3 feet of powder!!

Now everyone would think that 3 feet of powder would be an April Fool's joke for this weekend but I'm not fucking around when I say it was completely the opposite. I can honestly say that this was one of the best snow days of my life!

We went to Mammoth for a 3 day weekend with a trip of 35 people from work. We went up Thursday and came back Sunday. Mammoth just got almost 3 feet a couple days before we got there. On Friday, we boarded but the upper 1/2 of the mountain was still closed. It had not been open for 2 days. The snow on the mountain was awesome!

But then it got better!

On Friday night, it snowed another foot! So on Saturday, we got out there early and the top was still not open. After starting on Eagle and then going to 25, we noticed a couple gondolas starting to go up there but no skis on the gondola. So we started to head towards McCoy (mid mountain). Then we saw some skis outside of the gondola so we went staight to McCoy to get on the gondola. It wasn't open for more than 10 minutes!

The entire top of the mountain had not been open in 3 days and it had almost 4 feet of new snow on top!!!

Take a look at some of the photos. I tried to get some photos of the powder at the top but the photos just doesn't do it justice. Anyway, the trip was fucken awesome! And another big storm is rolling in all week. I'm not going to go up this week, but I was talking to Kevin about maybe going up on the weekend of the April 15th. With a base of 17 feet and nonstop dump alerts, who's down?

mammothpowder1.jpg   mammothpowder2.jpg

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Mike's Bday

Friday, we partied at the Goat Hill Tavern. It's a damn good dive bar in Costa Mesa. I'd recommend it to everyone!

Saturday was Mike's birthday so we preparitied, then got fucked up at El Torito, then I met up with some other people at The Underground for the rest of the night. Not too many photos from this weekend but here they are anyway...


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St. Patty's Day Weekend

Schrupp and Alene came to town. Also, Zach, Brian, Ty, and Abe were in town. We hit up Patrick Molloy's because it was happy hour all night and at midnight, it was St. patty's day (3/17/06)


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Friday, we started at 6AM. Kevin & Bean (KROQ) were brodcasting live from Hennessy's in Hermosa. After being there for a few hours, we went to O'Shakeez Pub. Then after lunchtime, we went back for a rest.

After a break, we went back and it was happy hour time. There were tons of lines and tons of people so we went to The Underground around 6PM and ending up closing it out! Crazy long day. Lots of green beer!

>stpatfrimorning.jpg  stpatfrinight.jpg

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Saturday, we started by chilling on the roof and playing some poker. Then around 2 or 3 we went to Dragon where they have $1 beers all afternoon on Sat & Sun! We got a HUGE game of flip cup going for a while and we went through a ton of cups!

>stpatsat1.jpg  stpatsat2.jpg

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We did the usual Sunday Funday by starting out with the $3 breakfast and all you can drink mimosas. Then we moved to the $5 pitchers of screwdrivers, then fishbowls, then... well it was a long day!


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Pub Crawl

We had almost 200 people come out for the SOAP pub crawl. We're still recovering so that's about it for now.


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Mammoth Feb

Kevin, Sherman, Shaq, Stefan, and myself headed up to Mammoth with Papy's for the weekend. We also met up with Ashley (Baldass) and Jovan. The snow was pretty good, but what sucked is today (2 days later) I just got a dump report for 3 new feet of snow!!! It always snows right after I leave!!!


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Sunday Funday with the Turlock Girls

Kim, Jen, Jen, Cathy, and Natalie came down from Turlock on Sunday. Talk about a crazy Sunday Funday. It seems like we hit up 1/2 of Hermosa!


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South Lake Tahoe

This weekend, we went on the infamous Papy's Adventures' Annual South Lake Tahoe trip. We had 70 people go on the trip! We stayed at this bad-ass house that had room for 90 people! Fucken insane. Anyway, we started with a bus full of 50 people partying up to Tahoe from LA on Thursday. We hit up Heavenly on Friday and Kirkwood on Saturday. We also hit up the casinos & Club Nero in Ceasar's. Sunday was another party bus back down to LA. I'll definitely be going next year. Take a look at the photos. Will you?


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Superbowl Weekend

OK, so I'm lagging on the updates. Traci came down for superbowl weekend. The photos, as usual, show the madness.

sf1.jpg     sf2.jpg

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Mammoth January

On Thursday we head up to Mammoth! Jennifer hooked us up with an awesome condo. So Nikki, Tom, Eric, Jennifer & I partied Thursday. We snowboarded Friday. Andrew & Sherman joined us that afternoon. We also met up later that weekend with Kevin, Phil, Shaq, Baldass, and Jared. CPSC was also in town so we partied with them on Friday & Saturday night. Sunday was T-shirt weather as I snowboarded in a t-shirt! The snow was fucken awesome! I'll be back soon! But first, Superbowl this weekend then South Tahoe next weekend!


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Tron's Birthday and RJ's Going Away

We had people coming from the San Jose, SLO, Ventura, San Diego, and all over LA. It was a crazy weekend, yet again!

This was a precurser to the madness to come. I had a work happy hour and we took over Harry O's. We'll protect the innocent and keep the work people anonymous. We did have over 30 there!

We hit up happy hour early in the afternoon since I had the day off. Then we came back for a little bit to round up some more people before we headed down to the Poop Deck for their filp cup happy hour. Then we went bar hopping to Patrick Molloy's, The Underground, and FFFF.


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On Saturday we had about 20 people go to a LA King hockey game. Matt Jue pulled some strings and hooked us up with $120 bad ass seats for $80. The game was awesome until the Sharks scored with 30 seconds left in the game to tie the game, and then they scored again with 8 seconds left in OT to win. That sucked because we had to listen to Numi brag about his damn Sharks!

On Saturday night, we had a huge posse! After gathering most of the troops at our place, we rolled down to The Underground with 25 strong! It was like we were in a pub crawl but we just took over at The Underground all night!

121day.jpg  121night.jpg

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Sunday = Sunday Funday
It was championship football day so where do you go on a day like that? Sharkeez for $3 breakfast, all-you-can-drink mimosas, 3-man, and football!


(Click on the photo to see more)

Thanks to all who came out for the entire weekend or just for a night! We'll have to do it again!

Up next
Coming up on Thursday is MAMMOTH! I've been lagging this year on getting my ass up to Mammoth so this is the weekend. We have our own crew of about 10 and we might have to crash the CPSC condo since they're going to be up there this weekend too! We also won't forget the locals: Ashley & Jovan. Mammoth, here we come! We have some snow showers in the forecast for the weekend so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

A random (or typical) weekend

It was a fun weekend, but I couldn't find any reason why we partied like we did. On Friday, we hit up the Poop Deck and Union Cattle. On Saturday, we hit up The North End and then The Underground before heading back here and partying until 6AM. Nobody knows why but we did. Sunday, we full of mimosas in the morning, then a chill afternoon.


Gilbert & Riley get it on at 4AM
(Click on the photo to see more from the weekend)

So the weekend was fun, but not that eventful. Next weekend should be fun!

Justin's Birthday, then Shane visits

On Friday, I drove down to San Diego for Justin's Birthday. We met up with a bunch of people at Doublin Square, which claimed to be the most authentic Irish pub in San Diego. We had a cool variey of people show up... some that I haven't seen for a long time. I hung out with Katey Tortorici for the first time in years. I hadn't seen Renee or Margie for a while, and Triton for even longer. Jason and Carol also came out. So we had a fun time. Then I had to race home at 8AM because Shane Avery (my old roommate) was coming into town.


(Click on the photo to see more)

Shane & Ellie picked up Nick along the way and Ellie dropped them off in Hermosa for the day. We hit up the bar for some all-you-can-drink mimosa breakfasts. Apparently the word is out and these are getting pretty famous! Well, we had lots of mimosas and beer and yeah, well you get the point. After Ellie picked them up, Gilbert & I went to Dragon with Riley for $1 beers before heading home for a nap.

After the nap, we were going to go out but it turned into a movie night for me but Gilbert made it out for a little bit.


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Sunday, Gilbert & I went to Jersey's for breakfast because Jesi was working and she said that they had good breakfast burritos. She forced a ton of beer down our throats so a 1-beer-breakfast turned into an afternoon at Jersey's. Then, we met up at Sharkeez for happy hour 6-8pm, and then for some reason we got dragged to Dragon before heading home. I wasn't planing on going out so I didn't bring out the camera.

New Year's Weekend

This year, we celebrated New Year's in Hermosa Beach. We had friends come from the North, South, and East. (Nobody came from the west since we're only a block away from the beach) :)

Shane came down to start of the weekend early. First, we prepartied and devirginized my new drinking roulette wheel. We had so much fun that we showed up to Patrick Molloy's a little to late and there was a long ass line. So, we went to The Underground instead.


(Click on the photo to see more)

On Friday, Brett came down and joined me, Gilbert, and Shane. We started the day by getting some exersize: a grouling tennis match where we witnessed Gilbert "Sampras" Peraza tear up the court. Rachel, Suma, and Gerry joined us in time for happy hour flip cup at The Poop Deck. After that, we went to Patrick Molloys and yup... drank some more.


(Click on the photo to see more)

Saturday was New Year's Eve. We all woke up early on Saturday because some people [who will remain anonymous] were loud in the morning. Most of us went back to sleep for a couple of hours. When we woke up again, we found out that Gerry & Suma had already been at Sharkeez for a couple hours. So we went down there to watch some football and get breakfast (and lots of all-you-can-drink mimosas).

Later on in the afternoon, Tom & Megan and some of their fam came down to join us along with Ashley & Wendy, Jason & Carol, and RJ also made a brief appearance. We BBQed and prepartied at our place. We played a crazy game of 3 man and I don't think Ashley will ever play that game again! Then went to a local dive bar called Jersey's. Some of Gilberts friends organized this thing at Jersey's where there was no cover, they took over the music and we had lot of cheap drinks. They said that last year they got sick of the heavy covers and expensive drinks & stuff at the popular bars so they oranized this instead. We all had an awesome time and basically took over the bar.


(Click on the photo to see more. Tom also took some videos that you should check out.)

Sunday Funday
Sunday was our "planned" guys day out to Sharkeez, as we had a few tables reserved in the morning outside on the patio. Long story short is that we were there all day and into the night! We showed up at 10AM. After some mimosa flip cup, crock shots, fishbowls, & more and a trip to Dragon for $1 beers and then back.... time check: midnight. I think that's when most of us went home but Gerry decided to close out the night and stay until 2AM. Sunday Funday definitely lived up to its name.


(Click on the photo to see more. Guess who farted in this photo!)

Now we all need a break. It's back to work for me for the first time in 3 weeks! Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Here comes the Fuck You's. On another note, I'm drewling on the dump reports I keep receiving from Mammoth. 10 FUCKEN FEET of NEW SNOW from this last storm! Who wants to go this weekend? Or the weekend after that? Let me know!

Thursday before Xmas

On the Thursday before Xmas we ended up having a few people go out to happy hour. Gilbert & I thought it would only be a few of us, but we had Shane, Kevin, Brett, RJ, Ashley, and Wendy. We went to Patrick Molloy's for their 9 til close $2 drink happy hour!


(Click the photo to see a couple more. Not too many that night)


This was the trip we have all been waiting for... one last trip to Whistler! We all had an awesome time. A lot of us live all over the state so we don't always get a chance to all hang out that often.

There were some highs and lows of the trip. The lows were all about travel. Showing up 2 minutes too late for check in, flight delays, missing flights, having to get a hotel because I missed the last flight back to LA, etc.

The highs were everything except the travel. Once we got to Whistler, we had nothing but fun.

  • Sunday: Insane drunken madness
  • Monday: Crazy 3 Man! Opening party with private concert by the
  • Swollen Members
  • Tuesday: Pub Crawl
  • Wednesday: 80s-style full ski suit day on the slopes. Pool Party at night
  • Thursday: Halloween costume day on the slopes. Bikini run! Anything goes but close party

And that was just some of the highlights! Every day was filled with snow, then hot tubs, then a bad-ass dinners with our condo and a few others, lots of 3 man and other games, and more!

Give me a call if you want some stories. It looks like we have a lot of people coming down to Hermosa for New Year's so let me know if you're going to be in the area.

And now for what you have all been waiting for...


(Click the Whistler logo to see all the photos!)

Whistler Preparation

In preparation for the CPSC Big Trip to Whistler, we spent Thursday and Friday at the bars in Hermosa.

On Thursday, we had a happy hour for work at Dragon. Coincidentally, Patrick Molloy's was having their Coyote Ugly night along with their usual Thursday night Happy hour from 9-close. So after the Dragon happy hour was over at 9 we headed over for the second happy hour at Patrick Molloy's.

On Friday, we enjoyed a massive game of flip cup at the Poop Deck!


Sherman's Birthday Weekend

I'm lagging and forgot to update the website with last weekend's photos. So here they are...


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Thanksgiving Weekend

Since a lot of people were in town for Turkey day, we got together for some post Turkey day partying.

Friday, we Gilbert, Gerry, & RJ went down to happy hour part 1 @ Sharkeez. I joined up later for happy hour part 2 @ The Poop Deck. After that, we went back to our apartment for some drinking games before we headed over to Beaches in Manhattan Beach.

pd.jpg  beaches.jpg

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On Saturday, we played some poker in the afternoon, hit up Los Muchachos, prepartied (Kevin called for the beer bong), then hit up Union Cattle.


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Sunday was another Sunday Funday. We had a whole crew out and definitely had our fare share of mimosas. Gilbert, Gerry, and RJ hit up Dragon but I guess I didn't make it. :)


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Thursday: I played some poker with a few of the boys and then I met up with Gilbert and Chris at Patrick Molloy's for their Thurs Late Night happy hour ($2 drinks 9pm-close)!!

On Friday, RJ came up again and we started off with some pitchers of beer at Happy Hour Part 1 before moving to Happy Hour Part 2. Part 2 = Flip Cup at the Poop Deck. Gotta love $1 32oz beers! Then we ended up at the Lighthouse then FFFF.


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On Saturday morning, some of Gilbert's friends came down and we went to a special Mimosa Saturday at Sharkeez (instead of Sunday). Then later that night, I drove down to Corona del Mar to hang out with Ashley (aka Smashley). This was the first time I saw her in who knows how long... maybe a year? She had been drinking since the morning so she was trashed (living up to her name). We partied at The Goat Hill Tavern, a nice dive bar in Costa Mesa. It's not what you'd expect for somthing right next to the prestigous Newport Beach and the OC. (Come on.. sing it... "Califoriaaaaa, Califooornniiiaaaa"). Anyway, it was like a combination of Bull's and The Poop Deck. You gotta love a good dive bar! Anyway we drank there until the bar closed then went back to Ashley's and drank another hour while was Mike passed out. (We also had to pull over on the way home from the bar because he had to puke). Now I gotta drag her ass up to Hermosa so she can get a taste of the good life in the South Bay.


(Click the photo to see more from the weekend. And for the record, no, we didn't piss in our pants. She poured beer on me and I poured beer on her so we were both soaked.)

As for this weekend, if there is snow, we may head up to Mammoth. If not, I think a lot of the LA natives that will be in town for Turkey Day want to party this weekend. Stay tuned...

UCLA/ASU Weekend

We went to the UCLA/ASU football game at the Rose Bowl. We got there nice and early to tail gate all afternoon. After tons of beers, a few shotguns, and Gilbert's carne asada BBQ, we watched UCLA kicked ass at the game.


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After the game we came back to Hermosa. I went to Suzy's in North Redondo to see Anthony's Band Free For All play their first show in a couple years. After that, I met up with the rest of the Cal Poly guys at FFFF.


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Sunday: Another Sunday Funday! Suzanne and Becky met up with us for this Sunday Funday since they happened to be in Redondo this weekend. Matt Jue also made a surprise appearance at Sunday Funday. We drank mimosas until they ran out around 2pm. Then we had a couple shark attacks and fishbowls. Raiders lost, but the Kings won 8-2. Awesome time!


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Homecoming Weekend

I'm back from Homecoming Weekend in SLO and it was awesome to hang out with everyone. We had people come from San Deigo to San Francisco. It was a non-stop party all weekend long!

Friday, we hit up Woodstocks, then Bull's, then Black Sheep, then Marti's, then Bull's. least I think that was the order!


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Saturday was the big day. We all met up at Bull's and then went to campus at 1PM for the all-you-can-eat Tri-Tip BBQ, all-you-can-drink beer, and all-you-can-drink wine tasting! We defitely got our money's worth!


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After that, and the football game, we headed back downtown, and then to Andrew's place where we got a ton of beer and partied there before we headed back downtown. We found out that James (think "$2, exact change please") had retired. O well, one less weirdo driving for Safe Ride. We eventually made it down to The Library where we finished off the night.

Sunday, we had breakfast at Black Sheep and then headed out to a local wine for a short winetasting adventure at Wild Wood at the bottom of the Cuesta grade before heading home.

Finally, on an off note, try searching for some of the following things on Google:
Patrick Molloys
mimosa flip cup
poop deck hermosa
ryan cal poly keg
fucken ryan

Crazy huh? Gotta love the internet!

Halloween Weekend

The true Halloween celebrations started the week before. See below for last week's triple double-decker bus pub crawl.

That doesn't mean that this weekend wasn't fun too. On Thursday, Shane made a surprise appearance in Hermosa Beach. Sherman also happend to touch down in time to join the festivities. Everything started with a work happy hour at Union Cattle. Then we headed down to Patrick Molloy's where they were having their Halloween party.


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Friday, we went up to Brett's place to BBQ some of Gilbert's Carne Asada from the Hood (ghetto East LA). Then we checked out one of Sherman Oak's premier dive bars: The Chimney Sweep. Kevin decided that he liked older chicks that night! :) 'nuf said!

Saturday, we dressed up in costume and pre-partied at Sarah & Stephanie's place. Then we walked down to Patrick Molloy's. The girls all dressed nice and slutty sexy.


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Sunday, Kevin suggested a Sunday Funday. Then, for some reason, he challenged the table next to us to a Shark Attack race. That's where each table selects 4 people (2 guys, 2 chicks) and you have to pound an 84oz shark attack bucket. First one to finish the bucket wins. After that, we were done! But then again, we showed up at 10 and left at 6 so I think we were there for long enough.


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Next up: Cal Poly Homecoming Weekend. See you in SLO!

Double Decker Bus Pub Crawl Weekend

Friday was full of happy hours. Sharkeez, then the Poop Deck. Then we ended up at Patrick Molloys. I forgot to bring the camera.

Saturday was crazy! We were part of a 3 bus pub crawl. 3 double decker busses full of drunks in halloween costumes. I think there was about 150 or 200 people!


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Sunday was another Gilbert-mandated Sunday Funday and to top it off... even the Raiders won!

Shane's Birthday Weekend

Saturday was Shane's birthday so we went to Benihanna. Numi was in town and Andrew also came down with Traci.


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On Sunday we did another Sunday Funday. Traci and Stacey joined us along with Andrew, Shane, and Kevin decided to show up later. Good Times!


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UCLA vs Cal Weekend

OK, I've been lagging on the website updates.
We went to the UCLA/Cal game and tailgated at the Rose Bowl before the game. RJ came up and Tom & Megan came down.


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The Move Weekend

This past weekend's photos are a little late because we didn't get internet in our apartment until today. I moved this weekend. Don't worry, same location, same apartment building, just a different apartment. I moved from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom. Gilbert (a buddy from college for those who don't know) liked Hermosa so much he decided to move down here. Coincidentally, so did Kevin & Sherman. They moved into their pad this weekend as well See a trend here?

On Friday, Sherman and I went out for happy hour part 1 (Sharkeez) and then happy hour part 2 (The Poop Deck). Then my buddy Akin had a birthday thing at Blue 32... a bar that's trying to be a hollywood-type club in Hermosa. It doesn't work. To prove my point, and a few table service bottles later, he got a tab for.... $1500.00!!! Yup. fucken insane! Anyway, we were only there for a few minutes and Kevin met up and then we went to Union Cattle. Then I went down to Patrick Molloy's to meet up with some people but instead found some other people. Pretty good night overall.

Saturday was Move Day. Gerry came down and really saved the day. Thanks dude! I don't know how many fucken times I went up and down those stairs on Satuday and Sunday but it was definitely in the triple digits. Well into the triple digits. But by Sunday Night it was all over.

But back to Saturday, Shane came down too and so did Kevin and Gerry's cousin. We all went out to the Underground and then to Patrick Molloy's (I think). We lost Gerry at the end of the night and found him curled up on the front porch!

gerry1.jpg   gerry2.jpg

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On Sunday, my parents came down for brunch and then it was back to moving for the rest of the day and then cleaning my old place. That wasn't fun at all so I don't have any photos for ya.

My Birthday Weekend

Yeah, it was my Birthday weekend a few days ago. 9/24 to be exact. If you came out and partied Fri, Sat, or Sun... a big THANKS! We all had a crazy time! If you didn't make it, here's the recap. Gimme a call and come down and hang out some time. Or, I might be in your neck of the woods some time, so let me know!

Akin & I started out Friday with a few pitchers at Patrick Molloy's. Then we headed over to the Poop Deck for some flip cup happy hour! Anthony & his roommate met up and then we went back to Patrick Molloy's after flip cup was over. I remember hanging out with Jane and seeing Sara, but then I black out somewhere around hanging out on the patio. O well, it's my birthday, right? No good photos from that night.

This was the big & crazy day... Well part 1. Lots of Cal Poly people came down to party (Gabe, Shane, Gilbert, Brett) and some even came up (Nikki, RJ)! Did I forget someone?

Anyway, most people showed up in the afternoon and we drank some beers and then went down to the bars for some food. We came back, played a little poker and waited for some more people, then went back again. Some more people joined us including Russ, Sarah, and her roommate. We drank at Partick Molloys, and some went over to FFFF where rumor has it someone (not me) got a little trashed and kicked out! Maybe even thrown out? Don't worry, I get kicked out of a bar later this weekend.

Sunday started with the traditional Sunday Funday Mimomsa Breakfast at Sharkeez at 10AM. We definitely got our fair share of all-you-can-drink mimosas. Turn the clock, and a Raider game and I don't know how many drinks later, it's getting dark! Apparently one of the bouncers didn't like the fact that the girl he had a crush on was hanging out with me & Gilbert so we eventually headed next door to Patrick Molloys. Then we had some shots with some random people and Jane & some other waitresses. Then some big dude manager guy said I had to leave because I was too drunk. I guess that's his opinion... but it was around 9PM so we did get in a good 11 hours down there! Not too bad, huh? That reminds you of the good old days of Wildflower were you just keep going all day long!

Anyway, here are the photos from the weekend. Thanks to everybody who came out! And if you didn't make it then gimme a call and we'll hang out later! Also thanks to everyone else who sent me IMs, emails, voicemails and text messages for my birthday!


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Lots of birthdays, Party Bus, and Sunday Funday

Friday started off with doing the Mama's $5 all-you-can-eat pizza and $1 beers with Russ, Isaac, and Jordan. This place sucks. Don't go there. It's not worth it. Then we went to the Underground for some drinking and darts. Finally, I went to Patrick Molloy's to meet up with some people.

Saturday, my neighbor Christian had a party at his place in the afternoon because it was his girlfriend Melissa's birthday. That was perfect timing because it was also a preparty for the party bus. We had 5 of us with birthdays this month so we organized for the party bus to take about 50 of us up to Hollywood to The White Lotus. For $20, they take you up to Hollywood, you skip the line, no cover to the club, and then they take you back at 2am. And everyone parties on the bus! It kinda reminded me of the ski club trips on the bus, but just at a smaller scale and the bus ride only lasts an hour instead of 24+ hours.


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Traci and Stacey came down on Sunday and we went down to Sharkeez for Sunday Funday. Andrew also came down since he had to pick up Angel, Bil, and co. from the airport later that night. We started with screwdrivers, then pitchers of beer, then fishbowls, and more fishbowls! It was a crazy day as you can tell from the photos! If you haven't experienced a Sunday Funday... then send me an email and sign up! :)


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Friday started off with happy hour, of course. Me, Mike, Claire, Isaac, & Akin went to Sharkeez then the Poop Deck for some flip cup. After that we headed off to the Underground. ...Well at least I know I did. I don't know where they ended up. :)


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Kim and Jen came down from up north. We hit up Union Cattle after a little prepartying. In the morning, we hit up Sunday Funday for Mimosas in the morning. That led to some screwdrivers and bloody mary's Then it was nap time before we went back for happy hour between 6-8pm. (The girls didn't want to leave Hermosa without a shark and crocodile.) Anyway, as you can see in the photos, Kim had a little too much to drink.

girlsbefore.jpg  thirsdaykim.jpg

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Labor Day Havascrew!!!

Havascrew.... Fuck Yeah!

You gotta love this place, where whippped cream is liquid gold and beer bongs cause 1/2 naked hot chicks head straight to your boat! For those who couldn't make it... too bad! Maybe next year.

OK OK. Enough talk... Let's get to the photos!


Click the photo and let the mayhem begin!

Andrew's Homecoming Party Weekend in SLO

Andrew was having a homecoming party up in SLO on Sunday, so I went up friday and took off Monday.

On Friday, we went out to Marty's for a shot, and then The Library, and finished the night at Bulls. I forgot to charge my camera so no photos. Yeah, I know you're bummed.

On Saturday, we (me, Angel, and Andrew) went to see Dave Buys (former Bull's bartender) since it was his birthday. Now, please note, because we just learned this after 5+ years of knowing this guy... His last name is BUYS not BIAS. We've all been putting an extra syllable in his last name for over 5 years. He just never bothered to correct anyone!


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Anyway, he was working at AJ Spurs for a while and now he works at McClintock's in Shell Beach. He hooked us up and then we went to a Naughty Nurses party in Pismo. After that, we went to the Z-Club and saw a huge fight that lasted 5 minutes and covered most of the bar. (The biggest I've seen in a long time). Then we went to a new bar called Black Sheep. Finally, closed out the night at Bull's.

Now let's talk about Angel. That night was in the top 10. His bro Bil says it was top 5! Angel was out of control! I wish I had more photos of that drunkass!


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On Sunday, Andrew had his Housewarming BBQ. Again I forgot to take photos. I did remember to take one of the Tri-Tip which was marinated in the good old Ski Club recipe for 3 days!


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After the BBQ, we went to sloshball at Cuesta Park where a lot of Woodstocks people and friends were there. We watched and drank until the keg went dry. Then we went to Woodstocks for beer & pizza. Then we went down to Bulls for a drink before heading home. Again, sorry no photos. Who made me the photographer?

Overall, awesome weekend. It was nice to see everyone up in SLO. It looks like we're going to have a crowd this Friday afternoon for happy hour as lots of us are going to party here, crash in Hermosa, then go down to Del Mar and meet up with even more people for Suma's bday. See ya there!

Jacqueline's 21st

The bars could only take away so many fakes. This day had been coming for a while. Now Jacqueline can finally go out with us instead of just Anthony coming and leaving her at home. Wait?? Is that a good thing? O well...

After some poker, we went down to the Lighthouse, Patrick Molloy's and The Underground. She didn't puke, but did promise to do another wine bong. That video is with the photos below. Here's a photo of her doing a blow job. Hmmm, I wonder if the search engines will pick up on that last sentence?


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The weekend started out so well! I had Friday off. Mike & I went to an early happy hour at 4pm. We started nice and early. Had a good time.


(Click the photo to see more before the fall)

We met some hot chicks. They said that Guttermouth was playing at Latitudes in Redondo Beach. So we headed over to Latidutes. Guttermouth played and put on a good show.


(Click the photo to see more before the fall)

Meanwhile, Jared, Jon Groden, & co. were down in the LBC for the System of a Down show. They were planning on crashing at my place so they called when their show was over and we met back at my place. Then we continued to party by scarfing down pizza and drinking some Jager and more as we partied on the roof. This was the last known picture of me having a good time, taken around 1:30AM...


(Click the photo to see more before the fall)

After that, I twisted my knee and rolled my ankle coming down the stairs and really fucked up my leg. I went to the ER on Sunday morning (24 hours later). They took some X-rays and nothing was broken so that was good. But my leg is pretty fucked up, sprained, and I'm crutching around like a gimp.

On Sunday afternoon, Kim and Holly showed up. They were already planning on visitng for a couple days. It sucked because they went out to happy hour on sunday night and I couldn't walk down there. They did drive my ass down there on Monday night for a few drinks, so thanks for taking care of me. :)


(Click the photo to see more with Kim & Holly)

Milkdud's Wedding Weekend

Friday sucked... at first. The plan was to leave work early around 12 or 1 and head down to San Diego. I lagged and left at 3 which sucked. It turned a 2 hour drive into a 4.5 hour drive. Fucken-A that sucked!

Anyway, I finally made it there. I went out with Justin & Renee to PB and checked out a quality dive bar: PB Pub. Never heard of it? punk music blasting from the jukebox, a Jager machine, cheap beer, and pool. I love it! I know, not everybody's cup of tea, but it was fun and we got fucked up!


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Saturday was Mike "Milkdud" McConnell's wedding. First of all... Congratulations Mike & Mandy!

I met up with Bubba and we went to the hotel & then went to the the wedding. The wedding was a lot of fun. Aren't they all??? Yeah, yeah, I saw Wedding Crashers but I was actually invited to this wedding. Anyway, it was really cool to see some old friends. We don't get a chance to hang out that much so that was fun. We also took full advantage of the full bar and that's why we have photos to remind us of the final hours of the night.


(The wedding couple on the left. The Cal Poly crew from back in the day on the right.)

The final story of the night is about Bubba. He said that he tried to find me but when I tried to find him he had already left the wedding and went back to the hotel. We tried calling but no answer. Matt gave Ernie and me a ride back to the hotel where we found Bubba passed out in Lobby. Needless to say, the hotel lobby staff were happy to see us.
"Bubba, why are you passed out here?"
"Uhhhhh, I don't have a key" he said
"Yeah you do, it's in your pocket!"
"No it's not... o wait I found it."

So apparently, Bubba didn't have to pass out in the lobby. He could have passed out in the hotel room by using the key in his pocket.


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AVP Weekend

AVP in Hermosa Beach this past weekend. That's volleyball for those of you out of the loop. Let's just put it this way... Take a flat beach and construct some stands that hold 15,000 to turn the beach into a huge stadium for the weekend. Then add tons of hot volleyball chicks (you know the type!)....

On Friday, Isaac & I went down to Patrick Molloy's for happy hour and then went to the Poop Deck for their happy hour. Anthony met up with us there. So did Sara & her friends. Then after flip cup we went back to Patrick Molloy's. Damn it, forgot the camera that night!

On Saturday, Gilbert & Shane came down and we hit up Patrick Molloy's again... It seems to be Gilbert's favorite bar these days... at least at night. We met some people there and then post-partied (is that a word?) at my place. Good job Gilbert! Bringing back the chicks! Bad thing is I only took 1 photo that night.

On Sunday, we hit up Sharkeez for their $3 breakfast and all-you-can-drink mimosas. Sara & her friends came down to meet us. After they ran out of champagne, we had a couple pitchers of screwdrivers each. The screwdrivers come in individual pitchers so you get pretty fucked up. I think we were there from around 11-3. Then we scarfed down 2 pizzas between the 3 of us and passed out for the rest of the afternoon & night.


(Click the photo for a few more...)

Schrupp in Hermosa and Jason's Bday in SD

Hey, it's been a while since I had to fly out Sunday afternoon right after this busy weekend.

So anyway, the weekend started out with Schrupp coming down to visit on Friday. He was in LA because he had a wedding to go to in beautiful 115 degree lancaster later that weekend. He came down and I gave him a taste of Hermosa. We hit up the Poop Deck for some happy hour flip cup and then we went to Patrick Molloys. Maybe we stopped by Sharkeez for a drink? I don't remember. I also apparently didn't take many photos that night. Too bad.

Then, I took off on Saturday for San Diego. It was Jason's Bday (the week before) so we went out to Outback and had some steaks, then went to the Lamplighter. We met some cool chicks too! :)

(Click the photo to see more from SD)

2 Days of Mimosa Madness

...and it's all Gilbert's fault. He wanted to do Saturday, then he forced me to go out Sunday morning as well. That's OK. We still had fun. Not much to say... Just the usual good times.


(Click the photo for more)

Oh yeah! Wanna see what Angel will look like in 10 or 20 years? Trippy....


4th of July... a 5 day weekend!

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What a long weekend! 5 days and I didn't even have to take a day off work! I had Friday off (every other Friday 9/80) and then we also got Tuesday off! So let's get started...

On Thursday, we did a YESnet (work) happy hour. No photos there. We started at Manhattan Beach Sharkeez and then I think we ended up at Patrick Molloy's? O well, since we have no photos, let's move on...

I met up with Kevin, Shane, and Gerry at Kevin's parent's place in Thousand Oaks. We had Tom's wedding the next day in Camarillo so T.O. was only 10 min away. Anyway, after having a couple drinks, we found out that Tom's been partying with the wedding party and is pretty fucked up. He says on the phone that he's hiding behind a corner because they tried to cut him off and he doesn't want to stop drinking. We head out to Ventura where they're partying. There, we find Tom wasted. There's a barrel full of margaritas and they (mostly Tom) had been working on it for hours. Megan (fiance) takes Tom home where apparently on the way home they pulled over and he puked and then he fell out and rolled in it. (or something like that) Anyway, that was some nice night-before-the-wedding drunkeness. We took off and checked out some of Ventura's finest bars. We weren't too impressed.

IMG_1210_disp800.jpg  IMG_1215_disp800.jpg
(Click to see more photos of Tom's Wedding & night before)

Saturday was Tom's wedding day. Since the wedding started at 5pm we had some time to lounge around, play a little poker, drink a little at the pool and then get to the wedding. The wedding was nice & not too long. Then the reception began. You gotta love all-you-can-drink beer & wine. Then around 10 we moved the party to the hotel where we kept partying in Tom's suite.

I don't know what time we finished but we all had a crazy time. One person (to remain nameless) couldn't get a hint that this chick wasn't into him. Have you ever heard of a girl getting so sick & tired of a dude all over her that she makes up a story (with some of HIS friends) saying that her boyfriend (which she didn't have) was coming down to the hotel to pick her up and should be there anytime? That still didn't stop him. Well, she was so sick of guys, nobody else even bothered to hit on her. Congratulations, dude! You just made her jump the fence and turn into a lesbian!

IMG_1222_disp800.jpg  IMG_1243_disp800.jpg
(Click to see more photos of Tom's Wedding & night before)

Sunday = Warped Tour! I was dead set on going to the Warped Tour this year since everybody flaked last year and I didn't end up going. Damn I hate flakes and this year was no exception. So anyway, I was going to go to the Warped Tour on either Friday in Long Beach or Sunday in Ventura. Yan drove down from SLO to see the Warped Tour in Ventura so I met up with him. Yan-- thanks for not being a flake! (No, I'm not bitter about flakes. Just a pet peeve. I even wrote a song called "Fuck Flakes" back in college when we had our garage band. Anways....)

Back to the Warped Tour. This year's Warped Tour was pretty good. Most of you who are reading this would only probably know The Offspring since the other bands are not mainstream bands that get played on the radio. (That's a damn good thing!) Anways, for those who do know, the bands that kicked ass included Strung Out, Dropkick Murphys, Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, No Use For a Name, The Offspring, and The Transplants. What sucked was way too many winey emo bands hogging up the main stages. Fucken 12 year old girls singing along with ex-high-school band dorks who used to get their asses kicked in school but now they have an emo band and think they are cool and wine about countless chicks that didn't like them school but now that they are pseudo-famous so you should like them now too because all of the 12-year-old chicks like their music. Fuck emo! I don't know what's up with this trend but we need to get rid of that crap. On the positive side it did give us time to cruise around and check out the random tents and get useful things like free sampler CDs and new Trojan Mint-Tingle condoms. I haven't tried these yet so I don't know what's up with the Mint-Tingle. So girls: gimme a call if you wanna try it out! :)

So overall, cool warped tour minus the emo crap. Oh yeah, so then I was going to drive from Ventura to San Diego. I had to stop in Hermosa to shower and get clothes. When I got home, my neighbor was having a party on the roof. So I stayed in Hermosa for the night, had a few drinks at the party and then woke up early to drive to San Diego.

IMG_1275_disp800.jpg  IMG_1259_disp800.jpg
(Click these photos to see more of the Warped Tour)

Monday was the the 4th of July. I drove down to San Diego and got there at 10AM to meet up with Kevin, Shane, Gilbert, Matt, and Jason. We tried to priceline a hotel in Mission Bay and ended up getting screwed and put out in La Jolla. Matt also got screwed and put in the same hotel so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, after we got our ass in gear, we made it to Mission Bay. We had a group of about 30 there and we had about 30 30-packs of beer since they don't allow kegs anymore. We played a lot of flip cup and took lots of beer bongs. I also met up with Nikki, Justin, Mike, Margie, Renee, Lora, Worthy, and Carol, so it was nice to see all of those guys again. Also Chris & Coy from work even showed up for a little bit.

We spent the day on the beach. We had a couple "please don't tell anyway I hooked up with that fat chick on the beach" incidents and we'll keep those people anonymous. I don't need to worry about it since I wasn't involved, but I do have evidence. Those photos are not on the website in order to protect the guilty.

IMG_1284_disp800.jpg  IMG_1288_disp800.jpg
(Click on these photos to see more from Mission Bay!)

When it started to get dark, we walked up Everetts and ended up at The Tavern for a drink. Then we decided to go to The Rock Bottom for some food. After we scarfed down that food it was last call there and we made it home. I don't know what time we ended up back at the hotel but we made it back.

Then in the morning, Kevin & Shane left really early because they had to go to work. So they were lucky because Gilbert and I were woken up by people doing construction on all the rooms around us. Seriously, it looked like every other room on the floor was unoccupied and they were drilling and sawing at 8AM! We called 3 TIMES and the front desk eventually said that there was nothing that they could do about it and they could move us to another floor. We were checking out that morning so that didn't do anything. The manager was conveniently not available. Since the room was under Shane's name, we're going to have him call the manager and bitch her out and see if we can get a free room.

So finally I left SD and drove back to Hermosa. My friend heidi was on layover @ LAX on her way back from New Zealand from 1-7pm. So, I picked her up from the airport and took her back to Hermosa. I got her drunk (like she asked me to do), we got some food, and I took her back to the airport. I haven't seen her for over a year so that was cool.

And now it's time to go back to work. At least I didn't have to go back today (Tuesday). If you made it to the bottom of this long-ass posting of a long-ass weekend... congratulations!

3 Kegs on the Roof!

Holy shit! Another insane weekend!!! Friday was kinda mellow... went to happy hour @ Patrick Molloy's and then to the Poop Deck for their happy hour. Then I crashed early because I knew the rest of the weekend would be off the hook! Well I was right!

We started with 2 kegs and I had to get a third! The roof was packed and it held the weight of 100 people. Maybe we had more than that? I don't know. But if you came out, thanks for coming!

The Moon Crickets (a funk/rock band) kicked ass! The cops eventually came but it was at the end of their set so that was ok. And I only got a warning so it really didn't matter. The landlord also happened to show up. Luckily he came before the band setup and when there were about 25 people on the roof. But we won't tell him.

IMG_1162_disp800.jpg  IMG_1175_disp800.jpg
(Click on the photos to see more from the weekend)

After the party on the roof was over (when the sun went down), we took some shots inside and I think we played a little poker. Then we headed out to The Underground. I ran into Russ who used to work with me up in Seattle a couple years ago. I guess he lives down here now. Sweet!

Sunday morning, we headed down to Sharkeez for breakfast and all-you-can-drink memosas. We drank a ton of memosas, had a few rounds of memosa flip cup, and a fishbowl-drinkoff.


Then we went over to Brian's place and partied over there for a little bit. Somehow we started to do some drunken westling with the girls and we played a little poker. [Editors note: at this point in time, I left my camera at Brian's place so there's (unfortunatly) no more photos from this point on] Anyway, Gilbert & I took a cab back. I went back to bars while I tried to give Gilbert some time to hook up with this chick he had been working on. Dunno what happened but I don't think he took advantage of the situation.

Anyway I was back at Sharkeez and ran into my neighbor who was drunk off his ass (again). From what I remember, we played some quarters with his buddies and Sharkeez has happy hour from 6-8pm on Sundays so it was 2 for 1. Then I went over to Patrick Molloy's. I think Gilbert joined me there. Anyway, we must have been at Patrick Molloys for a while. Gilbert filled me in on the details of the rest of the night.

Apparently Sara was there but I didn't recognize her at first in my drunken state. Then Jane got off work at midnight (I think) so I tried not to pass out there until she got off. Then I guess Jane & I took off together and went to Dragon for more shots. Oh yeah, we went to the Lighthouse first before Dragon. Anyway, I think they got a cab to go to Manhattan beach and I left them there and stumbled home.

Monday morning, I was still feeling the effects of Sunday. Gilbert & I went to Jack in the Crack and then I went off to work.

So awesome party. Insane Sunday. It's going to be hard to top that, but we'll work on it this weekend....

  • Friday - Warped Tour (hopefully, but since everyone is flaking I need someone to go with. Anybody wanna go? Friday @ Long Beach or I'll take Thursday off and go to San Diego if I have to. Call me or send me an email ASAP if you wanna go)
  • Saturday - Tom's wedding in Camarillo. Can you believe he's getting married?
  • Sunday & Monday - Party at Mission Bay in San Deigo
  • Tuesday - Heidi is in town on layover for about 7 hours. I see a repeat of what Zach did on his layover last month. Oh yeah, we get Tuesday off. Don't know why but who cares. I get 5 days off w/o taking any time off!!!

Pat's Wedding Weekend

Holy Shit!! Pat is now married!!! Unbelievable, but true. After a fun Friday night at the Tom Leykis Boys Night Out, I woke up early and drove my ass up to beautiful Oakdale, CA. I got there just in time to have a beer and a shot of Johnny Walker Blue Label (thanks Kevin) and then we were off to the wedding.


You can see where this night was heading... Lots of beer, red & white wine, and lots of champagne. We were all pretty happy... and wasted.

Then in the morning I got kidnapped by Kim and we went to the lake with Kevin, Schrupp, Kim's sister, and some fam.

Finally, when it was starting to get dark, I got my ass on the road and eventually made it back to Hermosa. So I guess Oakdale wasn't too bad after all. Turlock wasn't so bad either.

As always, click any of the photos to see the rest.

SLO Graduation Weekend

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This weekend started on Thursday. Not in SLO, but in Hermosa. On Thursday, we had a joint Raytheon/Northrop happy hour at FFFF. That started at 5:30PM. Then at 9PM on Thursdays, Patrick Molloy's has their "reverse happy hour" until close. $2 wells all night. So most people stumbled across to Patrick Molloys. I met this chick and let's just say I only got 2 hours of sleep.


After going to work for a couple hours, I picked Matti up in Beverly Hills and we drove up to SLO. Friday night, we partied at Ashley's place (actually I still call it Zach's place). We all passed out around 2 something and...


Then we woke up 5AM for the bars. Total sleep: 3 hours. We woke up at the butt crack of dawn and Ashley's dad drove us to McCarthy's. Zach's dad came down and that was pretty cool since Zach is in Germany right now! Anyway this was just the start of the day.


After drinking at McCarthey's for a couple hours, we headed to Bulls for a couple drinks and then we went to Conerview for breakfast. Then Andrew was kind enough to get our drunk asses (Me, Matti, and Sam) back to Ashley's. We passed out for an hour and then the families came back. Then Shrupp called and asked why I wasn't at Bulls. OK, off to Bulls I went (2nd time). I had a beer there and then Schrupp said that he'd get his ass kicked if he didn't show up at this grad party. So me, Schrupp, and his buddy from Winters went over to that party. We stayed there a little too long and then couldn't find a ride back. So we called a cab and took it to Woodstocks.

We had some pizza and beer there, then walked back to Angel's place where they were staying. We passed out for a 30 minute power nap and then walked back downtown to Bull's (for the 3rd time in 1 day). We wanted to get down there before 10PM since the lines would be so long. There were 10 people in front of us @ 9:30 and we had to wait 45 minutes! It sucks that Gil doesn't work there anymore. Some new fuck named Ethan who doesn't know anyone. I might have to go to the library a little more now that Gil and Goose work there. Anyway, we spent the rest of the night at Bulls.

Sunday morning Matti and I drove back to LA and then I slept Sunday afternoon and into the night. I'm still catching up on my sleep. I didn't take too many photos this weekend. My bad. Next graduation weekend I'll take more.

Mellow Weekend, Drunk Sunday

Friday: Went down to the LBC for a Life Rolls On party with Anthony, Jacqueline, and Mike. I meet some cool chick then almost got ditched but it all ended up ok.

Saturday, some of the Burbank boys came down to Hermosa.

Sunday, Matt & I went down for a Sharkeez breakfast & mimosa special. We met some chicks, got wasted. Then we headed out to Dragon where it's $1 beers on Sunday afternoons. I returned home... wasted. Go figure, right?

Random chick I met giving me a kiss. I must be doing something right!


Havasu was absolutely insane. A ton of people have been checking out my website waiting for the photos.

Insane! Just insane! We've been telling non stop stories so if you haven't heard some just ask! Check out the photos!


Sweden and then Another Drunken Sunday

Kevin & Shane picked me up from Gabe's place in Hollywood and we went back to Hermosa where Matt Jue and Gilbert met up with us. After some poker, we got a late start at the bars so we went to FFFF. Kevin got lucky and didn't come back with us that night! I guess he likes Sweden a little more now? :)

On Sunday morning after some quick morning poker on the roof, Gilbert, Shane, and I went down to Sharkeez for the breakfast deal: $2.99 for eggs, bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, and all-you-can-drink mimosas. We met some chicks and a dude. The dude happened to be there when we did our all-day Sunday drinkoff! We had plenty of mimosas and then we played some drunken Jenga. We also met some random dudes that were also Cal Poly Alums. Jon came down and met us in the afternoon. I still need to talk to him to fill in the fuzzy parts. I think I passed out around 6 or 7 and then got a lot of sleep... so that was good!

IMG_0767_disp640.jpg   IMG_0775_disp640.jpg

This day's drunkeness focuses on Gilbert. During a round of Drinking Jenga he had to do sit-ups on the patio of Sharkeez and later passed out on my roof. Click the photos for more.

Gabe's Birthday

Saturday 5/21 was Gabe's Birthday. Gabe & I haven't partied for a while so it was nice to hang out again like the old days. It was freaken hot with the temp in the 90s! It was a rough job drinking all those beers at the pool! Anyway, Gabe likes to grab the camera once in a while and get creative so click on the photos to see more. Happy Birthday Gabe!


Click the photo to see more

The Moon Crickets

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Friday night we saw the Moon Crickets play at the BB King club @ the Universal Citywalk. Jon's buddy is in the band. They're a funk/rock band that kick ass. I don't have many photos of this night but you can see that Jon was pretty fucked up.

IMG_0716_disp640.jpg   IMG_0719_disp640.jpg

Mammoth in May!

2.5 feet of new snow in the last week and it's May? Let's go to Mammoth! I just got my new Mammoth MVP pass (season pass May 1st til close of this year, and all of next year).

Mike Burton came up Thursday night and we tore up Hermosa. Then we left Friday for Mammoth. This was our first Papy's Adventures trip and we definitely had a fun time. Good thing we threw in the beer bong at the last minute because just about everybody used it! Especially Kevin. But we'll get back to that in a sec. The snow was pretty damn good for MAY so we couldn't really complain too much. They still have a 13-15 foot base! My problem on Sat is that I decided to wear my jacket and it was fucking hot!

IMG_0691_disp640.jpg    IMG_0689_disp640.jpg

(Click any of the photos to see them all)

Let's go back to Kevin. So when we were hot tubbing it after the first day on the slopes, Ryan O'Leary tells us about "Drinking Texas Hold'em" (Poker for those people who don't get out much). Instead of poker chips (or clothing when you're not in sausage fest conditions), you bet drinks or shots. With that idea in our heads, Kevin says let's play Drinkng Hold'em with drinks (sips) of beer. Kevin starts the betting off heavy with 4 drinks (sips) without seeing the flop. I have a King & Ace. I'm in and everyone else folded. We see the flop and it was a K 9 10. Kevin starts raising it a full beer, I re-raise and we're up to 2 full beers. We see 4th street, a 10. Kevin raises again. I call. The river... a 9. So we got K 9 10 10 9. I bet 6 more drinks, Kevin raises it to another full beer so we're at 4 full beers and I call. He slaps down a Queen and an 8. "STRAIGHT!" he says. I say where's the Jack? --pause-- Then he says "oh shit. NOOOOO!" I slap down my K/A for two pair and he has to drink 4 full beers. Since Kevin's a trooper he uses the beer bong... multiple times!

And another crazy thing... I'm unstrapping at McCoy Station (mid-mountain) and putting my snowboard on the rack. I hear "Ryan! Ryan Retting!" Who the fuck is yelling my name??? Megan Murphy, Jovan, and Yan. I didn't even know they were up at Mammoth! It also turned out that Joe and Stephanie were up there too. They came over that night and we partied like the old days (at least for me). We played a crazy game of "Fuck You" and had lots of drunken fun.


Overall, an awesome weekend! It was nice to see everybody. Fun with Papy's and a cool surprise to hangout with some CPSC people that I don't see often enough!

Zach's Layover in LA

Zach decided to come back from Germany for a week. First stop: a layover in LA. So I picked his ass up from LAX at 2:30 and he needed to be back by 8:30. Sounds like perfect timing for a Wednesday Happy Hour afternoon at Sharkeez! And in a crazy coincidence, Mark was back in town that day (he's working on the east coast this year). Rob (Echo Tours) came down after work, had a drink and then took a very drunk Zach back to the airport so he could fly up to SLO and continue his temporary homecoming tour.

(Click the photo to see more)

SOAP presents The Crawl

OK... Most of us have been on a pub crawl or two. But how many have been on a 150+ person pub crawl? SOAP is a new group that links people my age together from a lot of aerospace & defense companies like Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed, etc. For our first event we took over Gameworks, shut down it down to the public, and had almost 800 people come down and party all night. Our second event was this pub crawl in Long Beach on Pine street. We had 3 different groups because the bars couldn't handle that many people at once (we set up a rotation). Each group had a different color shirt and I was in charge of team green. Team green kicked ass! Here's some pics. There's more on the SOAP website:

(Click the photo to see more)

Anthony gets wasted

On Friday, I hung out with Anthony and some of his coworkers. Anthony decided he was going to get trashed and he definitly did! I basically had to carry him back. I'll try to get some movies up there soon. Until then, the photos will do.

(Click the photo to see more)

A 5 Day Weekend

Are you going out to Cinco De Mayo??? Probably not. Well unless I get talked into it. Why?
I just had a 5 day weekend. dLe dLe dLe dLe (say it outloud as we flashback...)

Wednesday: Adam was in town. We start at happy hour, go back to play poker, then go out for the rest of the night


Isaac (below) wakes up with a broken foot. How? He doesn't know. Dancing?

Basically, we all got fucked up!

Thursday: We had a YESnet event at Mr Pockets (Billiards Night) and then about 30 people went down to Patrick Molloy's. We got fucked up there too...


Friday: Numi came into town for the weekend. We partied in Burbank and Studio City, where we got fucked up...


Saturday: Numi, Kevin, Shane, Brett, and Gilbert came down to Hermosa to party. Round 2 for them. Round 4 for me. We started the night with fuck you...


By the end of the night we were really fucked up...

Sunday: Yeah, you read right, Sunday. We went down to Sharkeez for their awesome $2.75 hangover breakfast with all you can drink memosas. Well after a few we started drinking buckets, and more buckets, and more buckets. We started competing bucket for bucket with the table next to us. Around 5pm we left my place for another party/BBQ on my roof. I was basically fucked up all day...


So although I had a shit load of fun, I may not go out to Cinco de Mayo... unless someone can convince me. Hell, I may take it easy on Friday as well because we have the SOAP Pub Crawl all Saturday afternoon, where, once again, I'll probably get fucked up.

Sorry it took so long to get these pics up. Click any of the pics to see the whole collection from the 5 day weekend.

More photos to come

I've had a lot of requests for the photos from my 5 day weekend. My internet connection was fucked up at home so I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

In the meantime, Kevin was wondering why these photos never hit the front page. Well Kevin, here they are. This is from a few weeks ago and Kevin doesn't exactly remember this part of the night. So in true form, I give you Kevin...

IMG_0485_disp640.jpg  IMG_0486_disp640.jpg

It's Rally Monkey Time

The Outdoors Club huh? Now it just makes us laugh.
RJ organized an Angels game outing and first it was for his outdoors club, but then he also ivited a bunch of us college buddies. Shane came down from Burbank, Nikki & Tom from SD, and Megan from Oxnard.

So first Shane & I went to RJ's pad in Costa Mesa to drink some beers. RJ starts puking before we even leave (he hadn't drank anything yet. He claimed he drank too much the night before or ate some weird muchrooms. whatever. IT's 3PM!!!)

We go to Nationals Sports bar which is walking distance from the stadium. We meet up with Tom, Nikki, & Megan a couple hours before the game to drink & eat. We were also meant to meet up with 10 or 15 cool Outdoors Club people (or so RJ claimed). Well 3 showed up and they were, ummm, yeah. Hey RJ says the Outdoors Club is cool. I think I'll pass on joining. :)

Anyway, we got the Cal Poly crew and we're drunk so we had an awesome time. After the game, we went back to RJ's then to the Harp. It's an Irish pub in Newport. Pretty cool.

So bottom line: We had lots of fun and drank too much beer. (is that possible?)
Moral of the story: Stay away from the Outdoors Club


(Click the photo to see more)

Earth Day: An Excuse to Party

I would of never thought to party on Earth Day but apparently it's an excuse to get a lot of people to go to Happy Hour! (Like we really need an excuse!) First a few cheap beers (until 7pm), then we started buying rounds of shots...


And then who do I run into? Well first I get a call from Sherman. Here's the conversaion:
Me: What's up dude. (I can bearly hear him.) Where are you?
Sherman: I'm at Sharkeez! (he doesn't live in Hermosa)
Me: No Shit? Are you inside or outside?
Sherman: Outside. Where are you?
Me: I'm outside at Patrick Molloy's! Turn to your right!

If you don't get it, it's really random because he doesn't live around here and neither of us knew we were at Happy Hour in Hermosa.

Guess who just moved into my hood?

Some random chick taps me on the shoulder at Patrick Molloy's and she's the last one I expected. What the hell are you doing here? I asked... She just moved here. Awesome! Another Cal Poly person moving down here and now I have another drinking buddy!

(Click any of the photos to see more)

Cal Poly Open House weeekend roundup!

What an awesome weekend!
Justin drove up to Hermosa from San Diego on Thursday aftrenoon, and then we rode up the rest of the way together. Apparently, we hauled ass on the way up: 2:55 from Hermosa to Andrew's house in SLO! Yeah, you read that right! Less than 3 hours!

Thursday night was pretty crazy. We got there at 11pm. We went to Bull's and I think I had 4 or 5 redbull & vodkas and some shots. Well basically I didn't remember what happened after we left the bar. Some of you know so I'll just leave it at that but I honestly don't remember it at all!


Friday Schrupp was in town as he had to drive down to San Diego with his "Sister". We went to woodstocks and the drinking began again. Schrupp took off and we went back to Andrew & Sven's. Then we went over to the Balboa to hang out and so Sven could practice throwing some horse shoes for the tournament on Saturday. We partied there for while and then went downtown. We ran into Megan McCarthey. We learned that her, Jessica Gilman, and Andy Johnson are going to be in Havasu for Memorial Day! (We're going to be there too for Tom's bachelor party!) Hell yeah. Megan- I have my beads ready! :)


Saturday was long and we did a lot. Andrew & I stopped at Albertsons to get some Jack & 7-11 to get a 44oz Coke. See where this is going?


And off we went to campus for Open House. We ran into a lot of people up there. I hadn't seen Ben, Hieber, or Ann for a long time. We also ran into Jesse, Mike Papa (he promises to call more often!), and lots of other people. We also met up with Numi, Jason, Gerry, RJ, and Gilbert. They wanted to go to Bulls but Andrew, Gilbert, and myself stayed for a little longer. Gilbert, being the nice guy that he is drove us back to Andrew's and then we headed to The Balboa. We partied there for a while and ran into tons of wasted people. Megan Murphy was a prime example!


Then went to Gerry's. We partied there for a while, BBQed, and watched Chuck Liddel kick ass & win in 2 minutes! I'd be pissed off if I bought that PPV! But since I didn't, I guess it was kinda cool!


Then we went back to the Balboa to watch the Mexi-Cans battle in the Final Four (i think). Then Bill drove us to Angel's place. (I told you this we a long day...)

We went down to the Z-Club which only had 2 people in it. In other words it sucked. So then we walked for a while to the downtown area. We went to Marty's, a new bar down the street from the Library. Pretty cool place. They do a thing kinda like Spike's but with 100 shots. I forget what you get if you do all 100. Chops works there so he hooked us up. We also ran into more people. Tracy, who said she was going to call when she came down to Hermosa, was there! Seriously, I had to drive all the way in SLO to run into her at a random fucking bar (this also happened on St Patty's Day in SLO). I think April met up with us there too. We'll get back to April in a minute.

Then we walked to Bull's and partied there until close. April was wasted & puked in the Bull's bathroom. She doesn't remember doing that or me holding her hair up or anything. What she does remember is waking up in the drunk tank!


I guess Andrew was walking her home and had his arm around her. And then out of nowhere a cop grabs her out of Andrew's arm and cuffs her. Then they tell Andrew if he doesn't keep walking he'll be in the drunk tank too! Seriously fucked up stuff. Mitz picked her up at 6 in the morning. Andrew we puking all morning.

Back to me, I stayed at Bull's until close and then apparently snuck onto the Safe Ride Home van and went all around SLO until I ended up at Alene's friend's place. I pissed off her roommate because she had to wake up and get the door because they weren't home (they were on a Taco Bell run I think). So then I call up Safe Ride Home and Judy picked me up and took me to Andrew's. Long night huh?

Sunday, Justin & I left and we hit up the Old Village Grill in AG for the Best burger in SLO county. Now I'm back at home and I think I'll get something to eat and just drink water!

Damn, I think that was the longest post over. Congrats if you read it this far. Check out the rest of the photos. Just click on any photo above.

Pub Crawl Research in the LBC


The SOAP Execs took a trip down to the LBC to do some "research" for our pub crawl coming up in May. We needed some 1st hand experience and we definitely went big.

Click the photo to see more

Tom's 30th Birthday

First to kill some time & watch some Bball, Nikki, RJ, & I headed to PB Bar & Grill. We hung out for a while, had some beer & Jager Blasters, and then headed to Hooters. Why?


Little did Tom know when his fiance took him to Hooters that tons of people were there waiting to surprise him. We had lots of beer and lots of Jager. Then we went to Open Bar, a cool little dive bar (if you haven't been there). They have this secondary bar that wasn't staffed. BUT the taps were within reach and they were NOT disconneted! So we got a few free pitchers since some people helped themselves :)

Check out the following video. This is the result of tons of beer & Jager...

Click above to see the video.
It's about 30 megs so it might take a while.

Then check out the rest of the photos...


Winter X-GAMEworks

Here's the plan: Close down GameWorks for 700 of your closest friends. Play unlimited free video games all night. Have $2 beer & shots all night long. Sounds like fun? Yup!

Click the Gameworks logo for some photos.

St Patty's Day in SLO

Two reasons to go to SLO:
1) St. Patty's Day [done]
2) Social Distortion [done]


A week ago (see the Poop Deck photos below), Jacqueline was caught on camera saying that she'd do a wine bong. For the record, she's never even done a beer bong. See the evidence in this video clip...

Click here to see the video (5.25MB)

Just after that video when we attempted to go to the next bar, she got her fake taken away, so this time we drank in, got wasted and she actually did her first wine bong! Photos of that and the rest of the mayham below...


Not to be outdone and to show her Minnesota/Wisconsin pride, Sarah decided to put 1/2 of her vodka juice drink in the beer bong...


Flip Cup at the Poop Deck

Yet another game of Flip Cup at the Poop Deck. It never gets old! For those new to the Friday night event...

At 8:30, the Poop Deck taps a new keg of Bud. You better get in line by 8:15 because when the keg goes dry, the deal is over. What deal? $1 for 32oz of beer, limit 2 per person. So you walk out of there with 64oz of beer for $3 including tip!

Now bring your beers out to the patio where it's time to play flip cup. There's a lot of regulars and a lot of rookies. Just try to make sure if rookie joins your team, try to make sure they don't suck too bad! And what the fuck us up with people who think they can only use 1 hand??? Use your left fucken hand to quickly setup the cup! Dumb fucks!

Anyway here's some photos. oh yeah, after the poop deck, Jacqueline got her fake taken away at FFFF so don't go there if you have a fake!

Click the photo to see more

Gerry's Birthday

We all went down to San Diego for Gerry's Birthday. Here's some photos...


Hermosa Poker

I added a new photo section for Hermosa Poker. Only a few photos for now but I'll try to remember add more...


Brighton ski club trip

This trip can be summed up by two words prefixed by "A shit load of...":

IMG_0213.JPG A shit load of Snow
IMG_0219.JPG A shit load of Booze

It snowed almost 2 feet while we were there so we had awesome snow. We played the longest and best game of Fuck You ever. If you've never played Fuck You, it's too hard to explain so we'll just play it next time I see you. There were many other memerable moments, like the drunken Outcold-style King of the Mountain at night. But, if you weren't there, you'll have to add your own captions to the photos. Click the photos above to see all of the trip photos.

Rambo in town

Rambo was in town for a couple days so we had to hit up a few bars. Matti came down too.


Matti said she really wanted that bikini...



From what I remember, the superbowl was OK. These few photos that I remembered to take prove that the superbowl was on the TV (see the TV in the background) but we don't remember it all.


Mt. Bachelor trip photos up

The Bachelor trip was a lot of fun. Sure there were some parts that sucked like:

- Driving for over 11 hours
- Taking 45 minutes to go from Sun River to Mt. Bachelor when it usually takes 20 minutes because you and 50 other cars are stuck behind a slow ass car
- Going on our first run of the day then getting on the lift and getting stuck for 2 hours on the fucking lift
- Did I mention that it was raining all fucking day, including the 2 hours that we were stuck on the lift?
- The long ass drive home... getting home at 1am
- Having to wake up in the morning and go to work

But there were a lot of really good times & we did have a lot of fun. Once we go there, the partying was fun. We ended up getting a free lift ticket for the next day and a 100 point ticket that we lied and said we didn't get and then sold for $20. The snow was surprisingly good the next day. More partying the next night. And I was told that the I-5 had only 1 lane open in the grapevine because of a mudslide and I'd would have to take a 60 mile detour to the 14 but I said fuck it and went for it and there ended up being 2 lanes open by the time I got there so there was no delay.

So after all of those run on sentences, we had a good time. Now I'm thinking about flying to Brighton (Utah)... or do I go to Mammoth???

IMG_0073_disp512.jpg (The usual drill: Click the photo above to see them all)

Happy New Year!

8 of us rented a house on the beach in Mission Beach (San Diego). We drove down on Thursday and were there until Sunday. Some came from SLO, others from Sac, and even some from out of state! We even had a surprise visit from "The Bean!"

Lots of drunken madness and tons of fun! For New Year's, we had at least 50 people came by! ...and some stayed until the morning :) I have a feeling we'll be doing this again!

Please send me your photos. (See the side bar on the right) I'll add them to my website. Once again, I "forgot" to take lot of photos. Click the photo below to see all the photos.

IMG_4168.JPG After scoring a massive 35 in Jacks & Fives, Kevin elects to take a double-beer bong using the Kobe-inspired double-funnel figure-eight "Eliminator" beer bong as the sun sets on the pacific ocean!

I've been pretty busy until the holiday break. A few of you were really bugging me to sign up for

Well I finally got around to signing up. Add me to your friend list and we can all be friends! Doesn't that just sound fun? Everybody on? Good, great, grand, wonderful. No yelling on the bus!

CPSC Big Trip to Park City!

Some Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs)
"How was the big trip?" Awesome!
"How was the snow?" Pretty good. Could be better. Early season, ya know.
"Who was in your cabin?" Me, Andrew, Rambo, Gabe, Schrupp, Mike, Piper, Jesse, Tabitha, Joel, and Christina
"You guys had a 11 person condo?" No, we had a 10 person
"how was the bus ride?" Pretty good. My bus (when I was a bus rep) was better. We had some cool people and some lame people who didn't want to party too much. Overall: good.
"Did you go on the grad bus?"Yup, the last bus #9 was also known as the grad bus.
"Who were your bus reps?" Ashley and Megan
"Froli?" No, a different Megan... BJ Megan. If you still don't get it, you don't know her.
"Did you go through Vegas?" No, we took the 101 N and went through Reno.
"What the fuck?" Yeah, but then the bus company appoligized for false advertising (we told everyone that we were going through Vegas) and they bought 8 kegs for the last party.
"What was the theme for the last party?" Anything Goes But Clothes
"Where's the pictures from the last party?" My camera broke on wed night right before pub crawl. Sucks. I'm going to put up photos from everyone else in our condo though so we should be covered.
"Rambo, were are you?" Bonanza!

I'll work on collecting more photos from everyone but until now, here's mine:


If you have any other questions, use the shout box on the left.

Flip Cup at the Poop Deck

This weekend included an assortment of bar related activities....

Friday started at 5pm with Happy Hour at Sharkeez.. Hell you can't beat 2 for 1 on anything and $1-2 food! Then after going back to my apartment for a little preparting we went down to The Poop Deck for their happy hour. They open up a new keg of Bud. It's $1 for a 32oz beer. You're allowed 2 cups. When the keg goes dry, the deals up. So we had a huge came of flip-cup with a huge audience. Fun times! Then we went to the Lighthouse who took an anonymous person's fake ID. That sucked. Then we ended up at the Pita pit for some drunken munchies.

Saturday, Shane came down to Hermosa. No pictures of that, although I should have taken some because some chick wanted my #. I'm pretty sure she was hot but then again, I wouldn't recognize her if I bumped into her. Damn it. Should have brought the camera. Anyway, after prepartying for a while at my place, we went to the Union Cattle and partied there until closing. Then I guess on the walk home we met some people that lived up the street so we ended up going there for a while and drinking some more. We don't remember their names and I'm not exactly sure which house they live in (I can guess when I drive by). Oh yeah. In the morning we went to Sharkeez for their hangover deal. $2.75 for Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns and free all-you-can-drink momosas. ...nothing wrong with being drunk on a Sunday morning surrounded by 40 bigscreen TVs with every football game on at the same time.

IMG_4034_disp800.jpg Click the photo to see more... Does anyone know who the dude is puking? over the fence in the xmas tree photo?

Christine leaves rainy Seattle for So Cal!

It was only for a weekend. There's the good and the bad. We'll start with the bad...

The Bad: Christine went to Notre Dame and there were about 10 of them from ND in town for the USC/ND game. Well, ND got spanked big time. So that was a downer (at least for them). ....and they seemed to optimistic! Too bad!

The Good: We had a fun time partying. We started by going to a cool italian place in Venice - C&O Trattoria. Then partied down at Beaches in Manhattan Beach.

Oh yeah, another "The Bad": I got two tickets on my car for parking in a no parking spot at Christine's friends house. It's kinda fucked up. They allow parking on one side of the street but not on the other. I got a ticket at 3:00AM. Didn't know about it. Then the doorbell rang a few times at 8:00AM. I answered it and there was a cop at the door asking who's car was out front. The bastard gave me a second ticket. For the same thing! What the fuck. He said either move it or he'll tow it but I'm still getting the second ticket. That's fucked up!

IMG_4026_disp800.jpg Click the photo below to see more photos

An awesome weekend in the state's capital

A couple of us flew up to Sac and a couple drove. But we had a hell of a weekend. Now, I usually forget to take photos when I party. This time I forgot to bring the camera. I thought I packed it but guess not. So no photos... sorry. But from what I remember, we had a ton of fun. We went to the Cal Poly vs. Sac State where CP spanked Sac 58-13!!! But even with a 9-2 record, CP was screwed and not selected for the playoffs. WTF!

So sorry, no photos. Coming up next... Turkey day. I can't wait. I can already taste it. We'll be partying in Thousand Oaks on Saturday after turkey day, so if you're in the neighborhood, call.

Update: OK, so I'm a dumbass. I found my fucking camera at the bottom of my bag. Fucken 'eh!

I'll say it before, and I'll say it again. I need to take more photos.

Shane and I went hard on Friday. We started at happy hour and had to get our money's worth. Then we went to another happy hour. I only have a photo of Shane's final moments when he came back to the apartment to pass out.


Then, I went out and partied some more with Kevin, Sherman, & Co who also happened to come down that night.

Sat, Terry, Amber, and Gabe came down. Well Terry came down earlier and we partied and then Gabe eventually showed up. Shane decided after last night that he wasn't drinking. Terry decided that after an afternoon full of drinking that he was tired and didn't want to go out. Gabe tried to rally the troops but failed and just me & Gabe went out to the bars before closing time. Next time, we'll all rage in unison.

Mammoth in early November!

I went from the beach to the snow in only a few hours. (You gotta love California) Mammoth had about 6 feet of snow at the base! This year is the earliest they opened in a decade! They just had a storm come by a couple days before we showed up. Saturday was all clear skies. Perfect weather.

We showed up on Sunday to whiteout conditions with people leaving the mountain. It cleared up an hour later and the snow had a nice layer of powder. One more awesome day of boarding. Then in the last hour, we got another inch of snow before we jumped on the last lift of the day @ 4pm.

IMG_3989_disp640.jpg   IMG_3987_disp640.jpg (Click the photos to see more)

Adam Marca & Matt Mahoney come down to party in Hermosa. Matt ends up staying a little longer...

We all had a fun night of prepartying & partying. In the morning, Adam & I can't find Matt. After looking around the apartment (it's not that big) and on the roof, etc., and trying to call his cell phone, Adam calls the drunk tank. Yup. Apparently he blew a .24 @ 7am so they wouldn't let him out until 3pm. Crazy!


New Photos

I've added some new photos of the Guinness (The kitten) and Kitty (The cat). You get that? I've also added some new Hermosa Sunset photos.

IMG_3894.JPG         IMG_3933.JPG

Happy Birthday Matti

I forgot to take a lot of photos last weekend. There's only a couple so I put them in the Random section. But at least I got one photo of the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Matti

I'm going, ARE YOU?

I'm all signed up for the

Big Trip to

Are you going???

Homecoming Weekend

...A crazy homecoming weekend in SLO. Two days where I didn't sober up until noon. You should have been there for this deal:
3 hours of...
All-you-can-eat Tri-Tip BBQ
All-you-can-drink Beer (Coors Light & Fosters)
All-you-can-drink Wine Tasting (15 local wineries. Good shit, not 2 Buck Chuck!)

Then a football game where we kicked ass!!
At half-time, our friend Jessie was crowned Homecoming Queen.
Then the game was followed by a ton of rain in the 2nd half. But we were winning and we were all drunk so we didn't care!

Top that off with a couple nights a The Library, Mission Grill, and of course, you gotta end each night at Bull's. One hell of a weekend!

Photos... you know the drill.. Click here!

CPSC Big Trip and YOUR going!

Hey guys,
The CPSC Big Trip is to Park City, UT. The dates: Sat 12/11 - Sat 12/18
I'll let Yan give the summary...
"If you didn't hear, then now you know, we're going to mormon country this year. We hope you guys are fucking stoked! This place has some of the best terrain and snow around (lowest moisture content in the US, no bs), not to mention four six person lifts! You're probably also worried about the alcohol content of the beer in Utah. Trust us it's full strength - we tested it ourselves. Sure you say, but there's probably no night life in Utah, right? WRONG! Park City is THE BLACK SHEEP of Utah, a mecca for debauchery which attracts what we like to call "normal", fun loving people. There's upwards of fifteen bars on main street, all withing blocks of one another, so quit your bitchin, we wouldn't take you somewhere that couldn't handle our shit."

The reason I say YOUR going is because we're going to get 10-20 of us Old Fucks to go on one last big trip. For those who know Andrew & Angel, this is probably their last CPSC Big Trip before they graduate. So I'm calling for all of you to go one last time and we'll take over 1/2 of the Grad Bus. I'm talking about all of you in San Diego, LA, Costa Mesa?, Nor Cal, etc. I don't care if you graduated. We'll call it the Alumni Bus! If you really wanna bitch about the bus ride (only $440), then you can fly in on Sun 12/12 and leave on Fri 12/17 ($340 + find your own plane ticket). But the bus rides have grown on me and I actually look forward to them as long as your on a good bus with a good bus rep and people that know how to party but know not to puke (AKA Grad Bus not 756-ers). It's impossible to find a better bang for your buck!

So tell your boss that you're taking that week off work. You probably need to use up some PTO or vacation time before the end of the year! Stop working so hard and have some fun. It may be the last time that ALL of us can party together, and it will definitly be one of the last times that we all party together on a ski trip.

Nuf said. Send me an email. Let me know what's up. If I don't hear from you, you'll be hearing from me. $100 deposits are due Friday October 15. I can help you on this. Let me know ASAP!

More details on the trip can be found on the CPSC website:

My Birthday

My name is Ryan, and I have a problem.
I never remember to take pictures when I'm drunk!
I thought I told people to remind me to take pictures. And other people supposidly had cameras. O well. We had a lot of fun. 3 nights downtown... Bulls, The Library, Mission Grill, and a Saturday afternoon @ The Shack. Go Dodgers! Giants suck!

It was fun to be back in SLO. Talking about being back in SLO, I'll be back for Homecoming Weekend Oct 15.

Also, if you're in LA for the weekend after that (Oct 22), it looks like a lot of the guys will be coming down to party in Hermosa for about 5 birthdays. So come on down or come on up!

My Birthday!

It's my birthday in less than a week...
Friday Sept 24

I'll be in SLO, so give me a call if you're in SLO. If not, we'll just have to party before and after!

Burbank World Series of Poker

Sorry, I don't have too many pictures of the poker tourney because I was too busy winning! :) Second place out of 15 ain't bad.


Labor Day Weekend photos

I've added the Labor Day Weekend in San Deigo photos. I told you guys to remind me to take photos when I got drunk. Unfortunatly, I wasn't really reminded so I didn't take too many photos. I still have some good ones. Check them out...

(Click the photo to see them all)

Busy Week: New Kitten and New Car!

It's been a long crazy weekend. I have a new kitten. All black. Now since my other cat's name is Kitty, this new kitten needs a name. Any suggestions?

Check out the new kitten photos here.

And last night I bought a new 4Runner. A gray 2004 4Runner SR5 4x4 V8. $1100 under invoice... a pretty damn good price. I bought the Fighting Chance info package and it's well worth the $35 as you can see I probably saved more than $2000 than I would have by haggling with a sales person. Check it out. Some day I'll take a photo of it.

X Games and a long ass weekend!

Another exhausting weekend. It started out with Happy Hour on Thursday at Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach, then turtle racing??? They actually do this every Thursday at this bar! What the fuck?

Friday, Tom was in town. Happy our started at 4pm for us @ Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach and ended when the bars closed around 2am. Justin, just back from cowboyland, joined us at 8:00 for the Poop Deck hapy hour. Then Hennessey's, maybe Patrick Malloy's? and back to Sharkeez i think.

Saturday me, Justin, & Strawberry went to the X Games @ the Staples Center. Saturday night after a long draining day in the sun where my forehead got scorched, Stawberry learned how to play some Hold'em and then we went down to the bars and hung out at FFFF

Sunday we went to the X Games but this time at the Home Depot Center to see the BMX stunt and Moto Freestyle. We came back and the neighbors were having a party on the roof. We couldn't turn down a beer when they handed them to us.

I slept well on Sunday night and now I can "relax" since I'm back at work.

(click the photo to see more from the X Games

Colin and Brenna visit

So it's Tuesday, the first day of work after the 4th of July. (Since the 4th falled on a Sunday I had no work on Monday) I talk to Colin on IM about hanging out and he says "what about tonight?" (Colin lives in San Diego) Apparently he's going to be in Newport Beach so that's only 1/2 hour south from me. So here was our Tuesday Night. I was a little "slow" Wednesday morning if you know what I mean.


4th of July Weekend

What a long weekend! Friday morning, fly to Las Vegas for Part 1 of the 4th of July. Party it up there. Then fly back to LA on Sunday morning (4th of July) to partyin Hermosa Beach for Part 2 of the weekend.

The story behind the photo: We're standing on the traffic island in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) with 3 lanes of traffic flowing by in both directions. This was the best view that we could get to see the Treasure Island pirate show. Kevin's old childhood friend from the sandbox was in the show. Turns out that we all wish that we played in that sandbox because she was pretty fucken hot. Anyway, we're standing in the middle of the street and we run out of beer so we start waving money at cars trying to get more beer. And it wasn't even midnight! It was only the start of the night! Viva Las Vegas!)


Old photos added

Colin just sent me a bunch of old photos from the dorms. Damn we're young!

(Click to see the rest of the photos)

6 years of "you can keep it"

Clearing out the Southkeep garage... what a bitch! 6 years of roommates saying "Uhhh you can keep that" or "whoops, did I forget to take that?" Yeah, you all suck. So I had to get rid of everything and if it wasn't for Mike and his truck, it never would have happened. Well, actually, it only 1/2 happened because the dump closed at 3pm and we still probably have another 2 dump runs to go!

dump run.jpg Click for a larger picture of... 1 Couch Another couch on top of it A lazy boy on to of the top couch A full circular solid wood kitchen table on top of the top couch Lots of random wood from old projects? Terry???? :) Lots of other crap... 900lbs of it in this dump run!

Rob & Jackie's Housewarming

I put up some photos from Rob & Jackie's housewarming party.


The Graduation Weekend Twilight Zone

Crazy weekend in SLO. Lots of partying! There's link to the photos at the bottom. Here's the rundown:

Friday: Tom & Nikki come up from San Deigo, we eat in Hermosa Beach (which turned out to be a key move on), and then drive up to SLO. Apparently, Suma & Co took 9.5 hours to drive up to SLO from SD because the 101 was closed for Reagon's entourage. They were stuck on the closed freeway for hours! Ha ha! By the time we went through that part of the 101 it was back open. No traffic. Got to SLO around 11:30pm. Fucken lines at all the bars. We went to the Frog & Peach to booze it up since they had no line and only a $5 cover then to Woodstocks for late night munchies. We finally get back and pass out at the Southkeep around 2:30. Before we go to bed we set the alarm for 5AM.

* Less than 3 hours after passing out we wake up and go to Bull's.
* After an hour in line, we get in to Bull's. Party there for a few hours. Watch a random mom dance on the table holding some signed parachute panties in the air.
* Me, andrew, and eventaully April decide to go to Louisa's Place for breakfast. While finishing breakfast, we see Melissa & Co walking down the street. They come in and finish our breakfast and we go back to Bulls for some more drinking.
* Tom has a tee-time at 11AM so I get a ride home to pass out while Tom & Co play golf.
* 1.5 hours later, we go to some DSP guys' house and drink, eat more pizza, and watch a movie
* Then we go back to the southkeep to pass out (again)
I walk in to the southkeep and there is some random dad sitting on a couch that wasn't there a few hours ago drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Old couch & coffee tables gone. New couch & furniture moved in. I probably stare at the dad for about a minute (I'm 1/2 drunk) and he says "He's over there." I think to my self "who the fuck is over where? And who the fuck are you?" Some random fuck walks over and says "Hey, I'm Adam." My 1/2 drunk self says to myself "Who the fuck are you?". Now keep in mind, that all of the leases for the house are up at the end of the month (about 2 weeks). Why the fuck would someone be moving in for 2 weeks. Why the fuck would there be 2 new (and fucken ugly) couches, coffee table, kitchen table, and tons of boxes in the bedroom. As I go outside to call some people to figure out what the fuck is going on, Justin comes home. Cool, my old roommate can explain who the fuck this guy is. Justin doesn't know anything about it. The new fuck & his Mike Hard Lemonade-drinking dad leave. Justin says that Dan put up this note on the whiteboard about a new roommate moving in. (Dan found a new place a month ago and already moved out. Apparently the dude is subleasing for the rest of the month. that's not a big deal. 2 weeks ok. but you don't move all that shit for 2 weeks!!!).

After I call Dan and then my Dad, it turns out that Dan told this fuck that he could live here under his lease for the rest of the month and then for next year too. The new fuck hasn't signed anything and it sucks for him, but he ain't living there next year. A new property managment company is taking over on July 1st and fixing up and remodeling the house, then renting the house out. Looks like Dan's going to have to explain this to the new fuck. I'm not getting involved.

...The rest of the day continued.
* Before we know it, it's dinner time. Me, Tom, Nikki, & Gerry go to Firestones. No line! Score!
* Then off to the ATM, 7-11 for some redbull so I will last the rest of the night, then to the Library to "study"
* We "study" some very stiff and strong books for a couple hours and then go to Andrew's
* Gerry wants to drunk dial someone but doesn't have anyone to call so he ends up calling 411 and talking to some dude for 10 minutes.
* from Andrew's we pack into his car and go to the DSP gradution party at the Old Port Inn at the end of the peir at Port San Luis (in Avila). Congrats Sherman!
* There was probably 200 people there. The bar fucken ran out of jack and captain. What? You don't run out of whiskey! No red bull! fuck!
* Tom takes the crown for the drunkest fuck. He passes out on the floor between the table and the window. finds some innertube balloon. Just see the photos. Tom, you win the "That Guy" award for the night.
* A few guys decided to jump in the water while we wait for the shuttle to get back.
* About 20 people pile in the shuttle, some get dropped off, and the rest of us eventually get back to Andrew's.
* We pass out and Gerry, the dumb fuck, thinks he's sober so he drives to Denny's. Fucken idiot.

* With all of us starving at 10AM, we head to Foster's for a burger since it's close, opens at 10AM, and their burger's are pretty good and grease tastes good on a hangover. No, wait, I'm still drunk.
* We go back to the Southkeep, clean up, nap, and head home
* On the way we stopped at Eric's new house in AG.
* Then since we were in AG, I had a damn good burger at the Old Village Grill! The best in the SLO area - no questions.
* Fucken long ass drive with an hour delay in Santa Barbara. We hit fucken traffic before UCSB. What the fuck!
* I get dropped off at my parent's place to see the Laker's fuck up their chances of winning the series. Fucken 'eh!

I'm still catching up on my sleep. Crazy freaken weekend!

Check out the pictures
Leave your comments and stories about the weekend by clicking "comments" below.

Memorial Day Photos

Recovered from the Memorial Day weekend? My photos are up in the photo section.


Happy Birthday Gabe

Photos from Gabe's party are up in the photo section.


Big Check!

| 1 Comment

This has to be the biggest, I mean, smallest, check that I have ever seen!

bigcheck.JPG (Click on the check to see a bigger one)

Jealous? It's going to cost more in gas money than the check is worth to drive over to the bank to deposit this check! What should I do with it? Comments?

Wildflower photos!

I just added my Wildflower photos! Damn that was fun! I've never seen so many beer bongs! It was hot as hell on Sunday but well worth it. Will that be my last Wildflower?????

Vote for who?

Someone asked why an old website project of mine wasn't in the Old Projects and Random Stuff section.

Here's a hint:

Vote Bubba shirt.jpg

You can check it out by clicking the Old Projects and Random Stuff section on the left.

Vote Big! Vote Bubba

Back in 1998, my good friend Bubba Murarka ran for ASI President. As a member of his campaign staff, I created his campaign website.

Bubba asked why this website wasn't listed in the Old Projects and Random Stuff section. Well Bubba, I just brought it back from retirement. Back from the grave. I present to you, the Vote Big! Vote Bubba! website.

...and look I just found and dusted off:

Vote Bubba shirt.jpg

Reunion & CPSC bid party photos

I'm back in LA for 4 days and then I go back to SLO for Wildflower!
The photos from the weekend are now up:
2004\Reunion and 2004\CPSC\Bid party.

Check them out and let me know what you think. You can use the new Shoutbox to the left.

Better pictures and fixed some problems

Thanks to everyone who read my mass email and took the time to say hello. There were some problems with the website & photo album, so hopefully that's all fixed. If not, let me know.

As I promised, here are some panoramic pictures from my new place on a better day.

Hermosa Sunset.jpg Hermosa Sunset (click for enlarged view and scroll to right)
Hermosa Clear Day.jpg A Clear Day (click for enlarged view and scroll to right)

As I unpack, I'm finding more old pictures from back in the day. The photo album now has pre-2000 pictures. Yeah, I look like a youngen, but you might be in there too! If you have any pictures, especially of the early years, send them to me!

Is having nothing to do that bad?

It's my second week at work an I've been told that I really won't be doing anything for the first month. You see, in order to work on the real stuff, you need security clearance from the government. Well my recruiter never gave me the stuff to fill out months ago when I was back in SLO. So instead of showing up on the first day with clearance, I had to fill out all of the forms and now I have to wait a month or more for that stuff to get processed as they research my life history and make sure that I'm not a bad guy.

Meanwhile, I show up for work and find stuff to do. How many times can you check your email in one day? At least I've started to update my website. So look around. I just added a lot to my Old Projects and Random stuff... a little museum if you will.

Everyone should come down to Hermosa Beach & party. Only 3 short blocks from the beach and another block or two to the bars & pier. If my lazy ass can walk that, so can you! Can't get any better than stumbling distance home!

First week of work

This is my first week of work. I still don't have internet at home since Adelphia cable sucks, but I should hopefully have it soon. Then I'll update this site more & add lots of stuff. Until then, if the Photos link doesn't work on left, try this linke:

Back to work since I should be working @ work. On what? I don't know yet.

The new pad

On April 1, I'll be moving into my new pad in Hermosa Beach, CA. Only 3 blocks from the beach & pier (where the bars are)! Anyone coming down to (or through) LA should stop by. The roof top is perfect for BBQing & Boozing! It also has a 360 degree view! Take a look at the panoramic picture I put together!

new place view.jpg

When I move down there, I'll take a picture on a nicer day.

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