A Complete Wood Grain Modeling Application Incorporating Multiple Cut Types, Species, and a Tree Ring Database

By Ryan Retting
Master's Thesis in Computer Science
March 2004

Simulating nature has challenged computer scientists in all fields, especially computer graphics. Wood grain is very difficult to realistically simulate. A proof of concept implementation of wood grain modeling using implicit surfaces has demonstrated promising results. This thesis presents a GUI application using the implicit surfaces technique. It adds species factors, different types of saw cuts, and an integration of a real tree ring database.
Thesis paper (Word Document) 6.6MB
Thesis defense (Powerpoint Presentation) 1.5MB
Wood Grain Creator setup program (Windows) 1.8MB
Thesis source code and executable 1.2MB
Requirements for the thesis program: .NET runtime and DirectX 9 Redistributable.
Make sure that you install the DirectX 9 with the /installmanageddx switch.
For example: [location of directx setup files]\dxsetup.exe /installmanageddx
Any questions, comments, and feedback can be sent to rretting _ _AT_ _ alumni.calpoly.edu.